I miss travelling

Hello everyone ! 🙂 How are you feeling today ? 

One day, a friend of mine told me: ” You’re a strange girl ! You like to stay at your home, like a rabbit in its burrow but in the mean time you love travelling, taking the plane, the train etc ! How do you want us to understand you ?!” My friend was very confused on this day and I can understand this. But what can I do with that? Yes, I’m like a rabbit spending a lot of my time in in my home. And yes I love travelling, because I love discovering new cultures, new countries, new people. And to enjoy better your home, things you got, you have to leave them sometimes and see something else. It’s when you’re far away from home that you realize how precious your home is. It’s when you’re far away from your friends that you realize how precious they are to you. And that’s why I love travelling too.

You guessed well, today’s post will be linked to Travel. When travelling, I like to get well organized, because if not, travelling become very stressful for me. So, today I’m gonna share with you some DIYs that’ll help you to organize your travel times, to make these moments less stressful and more practical.

So, let’s get started !

We’ll start with tags. ( I know, I hear you from here: Seriously, you want to show us how to make tags ?!) Then, let’s say, I’m sharing with you how I made mine, which design I chose, in case you need ideas. 🙂 😉 Moreover, luggage tags are very important, in case you lost your bag for example. And in some countries it’s an obligation to have tags on your luggage. Is it the case in your country? In mine it is.

So, it’s very simple. All you have to do is to cut small rectangle into scrapbooking paper, make a hole and attach a thread. For the decoration, I used stickers themed with Nature and Natives. Then I wrote on each tag my name, my address and my phone number.


But when you travel, you certainly have tickets. For the plane, the train, whatever. And often, you can’t find them in your bag or they just bother you because you have to keep them in hand which isn’t very practical when you have a big luggage and need both your hands to lift it. I’m gonna show you how to make a pocket where to put these tickets, a pocket you can hang on to your coat or whatever.

Cut and fold in two a piece of scrapbooking paper. On one side, cut of a smaller part inside. Cut into transparent plastic a piece in the same size as one side of the paper. Glue it to the side where we removed the inside. Then, fold the overall and glue one short side and the two long sides. Next, on the top, make a hole on both sides of the pocket. At one hole attach a thread by making a knot. We’ll use the other hole to string the thread in and keep the pocket closed and prevent tickets from getting out. You can also use the thread to hang the pocket on your coat, this way, you won’t have to hold it all the time, and your hands will be free. 🙂

One of the most important items when you travel, is your passport. But, you maybe don’t want people to see where you’re from thanks to your passport, or you just think your passport isn’t enough cute. So, make a passport cover, why not ?

First, cut a piece of scrapbooking paper according to your passport measures, to make the outside part. Then cut to other smaller pieces. Use tape to fix these two to the bigger piece. Now, let’s make a hole at the top in the middle, through this hole you’ll string a thread and make a knot. That’s it ! You got a cute passport cover with a little handle.



Now, let’s move to today’s biggest DIY ! It’s a plane-pillow(or neck pillow ? Guys, how do you call it ? I’m not very sure) I chose the watermelon pattern for this pillow. To get the paper pattern, I used the pillow I already got. Caution, to make sure the pattern is correct,you have to press firmly down the pillow on the paper. With the pattern, I cut one piece in green and one in white. For the red piece, I just cut a smaller one.

Then, I sewed together the red and the white parts. Then, the green with the white.( Don’t forget to sew inside out and to leave a hole to be able to turn it over) Next, I drew seeds with a fabric permanent marker. And finally, I stuffed the pillow.


What do you think of these DIYs ? Do you like them ? Which one is your favourite ? I think I prefer the “train, plane tickets” pocket.

I hope you liked this post. I’ll talk to you soon in a next one.

Until there, take care of yourself, don’t forget to do things you like, to spend time with your friends, your family. 

See you soon ❤

Ady ❤


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