Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone ! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂 Also hope you’re not drowning under the storm. Here it’s a nightmare(…..ok, almost a nightmare) It’s cold, windy, rainy and the ground is sooo wet! (how can it be, so much mud ?!) Anyway, when the weather is this way, the only thing we want to do … More Home Sweet Home

Farewell Fall !

Hi everyone ! How are you ? I’m a little bit sad that Fall with all its beautiful colors is going to leave.  😦 What about you guys?  That’s the reason why I’ve decided to make a last Fall post before we enter into the Winter whirlwind. Let’s get started ! Easy Fall decorations: These … More Farewell Fall !

Fruit Medley

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? Tell me, do you like fruits? Which one is your favourite ? In my case, I LOVE fruits, so it’s quite hard to say which one is my favourite, maybe it’s pineapple, or is it banana, or strawberry ? Anyway, if I had to drink only fruit … More Fruit Medley