In the Boudoir

Hello everyone ! How are you today ?

Women are known in the world for spending a lot of time in the bathroom, by doing their makeup, their hairs etc… And I’m afraid that’s right. We do spend time to look more beautiful. That is the big difference between men and women. Women have always wanted to be beautiful, and done many things to achieve beauty. They have done it for men(to attract them) and for themselves. Because, it feels so good to be beautiful and feel attractive to others. Women are made to walk in the street, showing their beauty and making others desire them. But women are also made to spend time at their mirror, because this is in front of the mirror that magic takes place. This is there that they meet with inner beauty and make it appear on their face. This is there that women learn to find, to tame and to accept their inner beauty. So, yeah, it’s important for us, women, to take time to prepare ourselves in front of the mirror, every morning, to make you, men, wait to go ! Because we need this time to be beautiful for you and for us.

That’s the reason why I’ve decided to share with you some DIYs for your boudoir, I hope you’ll like them. Let’s get started !

§DIY mirror§

A boudoir, without mirror isn’t a boudoir. It’s an impostor ! This DIY is very simple, it’s all about customizing. All you need is a mirror and stickers.


§DIY bracelet§

Today, I want to make a bracelet that has been quite trendy recently. Moreover, it’s a very easy to make.

For this DIY, you’ll need ribbon and one bead.  


§DIY pouch§

Girls, am I the only one in the world needing an endless amount of pouches ???I hope I’m not. But recently, I couldn’t find cute pouches, I already had them or everyone had them( and I don’t like to be like everyone), so I went for my favourite solution: making my own.

You’ll need two different fabrics( for the outside and the inside) and  one zipper.


§DIY glasses case§

Looking for a case for your glasses, but you can’t find a cute one, or they are too expensive ? Don’t worry, I’m gonna show you how to make one with almost nothing. For this case, you need a cardboard box, like a cookie box, paper, one trombone and some thread.


§Customized T-shirts§

Bored of your too simple T-shirts ? Just customize them !

All you need is a T-shirt and some lace (any kind of) Just sew your lace on your shirt bottom or sleeves, to give it a new look, more sophisticated.


I hope you enjoy these DIYs. Thank you for passing by and reading.

I’ll see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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