Cocooning Day

Hello ! Welcome back everyone ! How are you today ? How do you feel about the transition from fall to winter ? In my case, it’s not very easy, I got sick recently because of these temperature switches. 😦 Indeed, this period is the one when you want to lock yourself into your house with hot chocolate, tea, lots of pillows etc. So today, I wanted to share with you some DIYs for a day like these, a day for cocooning. Are you ready ? Let’s get started !

DIY Pajama  suit:

To make this comfy pajama, you’ll need an old ensemble(shirt+shirt).wp-image--554009809 First, take the skirt. Use pants to cut off from the skirt your pajama’s legs. Sew.wp-image-1848109826

Now reverse the shirt and sew it to the legs. Taddaa !

wp-image-1829918864I left the pajama this way, but if your ensemble’s colors are too ugly, use the magical technique of  dyeing.SAM_0078SAM_0076






DIY Slippers:

You’ll need some bulgomme, some kind-of-foam fabric( something quite thick and foamy), an old pullover and sewing stuff. First, use one of your shoes to draw on both the bulgomme and the foam(we’ll call it this way) your footprint. Cut it out(for the bulgomme, cut 1cm away from lines to get space for sewing). From the pullover, cut the sleeves. Turn sleeves inside out and sew them to the bulgomme footprint. Then, glue the foam footprint on the bulgomme one ( actually inside the slipper, to make the semelle comfier and thicker). Leave it to dry the whole night. When dried, just turn the slipper out and wear them. 🙂 You got personalized slippers ( kind of norvegian socks, I’ve been told)


Perfect Kasha:

It’s very easy to make. And it’s very delicious, perfect for a cocooning day or a netflix evening. 😉 You’ll need some oat bran, milk and sugar to prepare the base. You can just leave it this way. This is what I do most of the time for breakfast. 


But today, we’ll add something else. Here I added some dried fruits, but some fresh fruits are perfect too(like banana, apple etc) Nuts are also another good alternative. This is something I like with kasha: you can do whatever you like, there are so many different options, not one single way to prepare it. Thanks to it, you can give a different color and flavour to each morning, but still eating the “same” thing. 😉


Now, I’m ready for day on my sofa/bed watching my favourite chinese series, with my bowl in my hands and my socks on my feet. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you again for passing by on my blog.

I’ll see you soon in a next post, until then take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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