My Spring Cleaning Routine: Healing my spirit and body when cleaning my home

Hello everyone ! I hope you all spent a very nice Easter weekend and got lots of chocolate. πŸ™‚ It’s been a while since Spring came back, but I wanted to share with you my spring cleaning routine, so here it is !
My spring cleaning routine is in two parts. First, the “traditionnal” one, cleaning your home and second, “cleaning” your spirit and body. I’ll give details about both of these parts.
How I clean my home when Spring comes back ?
I think the way I proceed to clean my appartment has nothing special, but still I want to share with you my tips. Who knows ?! Maybe some people are looking for advices and tips…So….
The first thing to mention is that I proceed room by room, and I do basically the same in every room. First I remove everything from all the surfaces(table, shelves etc) and clean these surfaces. Then, I sort all the stuff I previously removed and put in the trash what needs to be. After that I place back items on shelves etc. If there is anything I don’t know yet where to put it, I’d place it on a clean surface until I find something to do with. I also take this opportunity to change my bed sheets, the plaid on my couch. Finally, I removed everything from the floor, clean things if needed and clean the whole floor. I always do this at the end of the room. This way, when cleaning items and surfaces and changing my sheets, I can “throw” all the dirts on the floor and only need to clean it once. Moving to the bathroom, it’s slightly different because when I clean it(same for the kitchen), it’s a deeper clean than in the other rooms. I removed everything I can from the bathroom, leaving only furnitures. Then I clean the whole room from ceiling to floor. Then, I clean all my bathroom items and place them back. Then, for the kitchen, I use the same technique, removing everything, deep cleaning the surfaces and placing back all the items. Spring cleaning is also when I take time to sort my books, clothes and other stuff. I usually make 3 categories: the “I keep” category, the “I’m not sure” category and the “I donate” category. In the “I’m not sure” category, I put stuff I don’t really use but still hard to get rid of, things I have in double and other things I don’t know if I keep it or donate it. I think that’s pretty all for my routine, talking about cleaning my home. But let’s talk now about my cleaning routine for my spirit and body.
How I get my spirit and body get a fresh new start ?
Most of the time, we only think about cleaning our interiors, not our mental health, our body( at least not enough), and yet, our spirit, our body are so important, even more than our house, appartment… What’s the point having a perfectly cleaned house if we’re not feeling well in our body and/or spirit ?! That’s the reason why, when Spring comes back I usually take some time for me, to relax, feel better, stop the crazy work routine and take care of my body. How many people commit suicide because they are so depressed because of work and today’s society, asking so much(too much) of people ??! Too many people. The first thing is to remember that society and work shouldn’t be the reasons why you kill, diminish yourself, forget about your humankind. Remember that sometimes you have to stop and get a break. To smell the flowers, look at the sky, sit on the floor, close your eyes and listen to the wind in the trees and the birds singing.
So, sometimes I like to have a day just for myself, not thinking about anything. I wake up early(when you wake up late, you feel like you won’t do anything of your day and it doesn’t feel good) and go to the bathroom. There I spend a lot of time, relaxing under the shower with some of my favourites products( mine are from Yves Rocher), scrubbing my face etc. Then, after the shower I do other skincares while brushing my hair and smoothing them the way I prefer( I wish I was born with these gorgeous Asian hair…) You understood, on this day I take care of my body to relax myself. Sometimes, all a girl needs to relax is to feel pretty in her bathroom.

Moving out the bathroom, I go straight to the kitchen and prepare myself a perfect brunch( if you want to know some of my favourites, check this article) After that, I sit on my couch with my brunch and my cat, and enjoy my brunch while practicing some purring therapy( did you know that cats’purring relax people ? Here’s another good reason to get a cat, right ? πŸ˜‰ ) Then, I usually choose a movie I haven’t seen for a long time, or one of my favourites or a new one (sometimes, trying new things is relaxing) If I’m not in the mood for watching movies, I just pick up a book and read all day long(good technique when, like me, you got an enormous book collection !) Usually, when reading, I switch on my computer to play some music, especially Asian relaxing music, bamboo music etc. And basically, this is how I spend the day, doing “nothing”. And there’s nothing wrong about that, if it’s for one day, I would rather say having absolutely no days like this in your life is wrong. Human wasn’t made to work all day, all week, all year without resting, just like a machine. Human was made to make the world more beautiful, and for this, Human needs sometimes to rest, to breath.
But you still can heal your spirit and keep busy(not too much) in the meantime. But don’t think about work and the outside world. A good way to calm and relax is to…..clean! Yes, I did say clean. When you’re cleaning your home, you feel relax, because when cleaning a space you feel like cleaning inside of your head. You only think about the cleaning, and nothing else. If you have no more cleaning, you can draw, write(a letter, a diary etc), make some coloring. Just make sure that you switch off your cellphone, computer etc. No more connection with the outside world I said. Do that for a weekend, and I assure you, it helps. Okay, it doesn’t make dissapear for eternity all your worries and problems, but it helps you feeling better for the next months. Believe me.
What about my body ? Sometimes I go through a cleansing time, it may be a week or a few days. It depends on my routine, what I ate until that time. Usually I do it during the Holy Week, if you want to know more about my Holy Week Routine, check here.
My cleansing routine is about fasting, drinking detox/infused water, reducing the amount of food eaten and doing a little bit more of exercize. In fact, it’s quite similar to my Holy Weel routine. πŸ™‚ If my cleansing routine last for one week, I’d do most of it but mixed, I’ll explain. One day fasting (or two days, depending on my motivation, energy..), one day eating less and exercizing, one day fasting, one day eating less and exercizing etc And during the whole week I’d drink an infused water( I still don’t know if it’s a real detox one ….) Mine is very simple to make, not the most delicious in the world, I admit, but it’s fresh and in summer, it’s quite perfect.


My (detox?) infused water:
-3L of water
-3 lemons
-1 cucumber
Cut the lemons and cucumber in slices, put them in glass bottles and add water. Keep in the fridge at least 2 hours before starting drinking it. Usually, when I finish one of these bottles, I just add new water and place it back in the fridge. It probably lose some of its benefaction the more I add new water, but I don’t like to waste, and throwing away these lemon and cucumber slices after just one use sounds like waste to me.

And the day I’m not fasting, just eating less, I do only eat fruits and veggies in small quantities. And I do some exercizes. These are very simple, I’ve got two. The first is a no move exercize, it’s like when doing push-ups but not folding your arms, and I “stand”(is that the word ?)on my elbows, just making sure my back and my butt are like a straight line. I just count till 30 or more(if I can handle). The other exercize I do I different. I lay on my back and move my legs in the air above me as if I were pedaling. This one I don’t really count, I just keep doing it till it hurts or I get tired.
I think we went around my spring cleaning routine. If you have any question or want me to give more details about something in particular, just tell me. πŸ™‚
I hope you like this post and that it gave you ideas for your spring cleaning routine.
That’s all for today’s post, thank you for passing by and reading.
I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.
Until then take care of yourself, ❀
Ady ❀

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