Have Yourself a Merry Golden Christmas

Hello everyone! Christmas is on the way and it’s time to decorate all around the house. Today I just wanted to show you which theme I chose for 2018.

This year I decided to go for golden decorations. I like it because it’s both kind of classy and modern.

So long before December, I searched everything that was gold in my house, in my craft supplies etc. Nothing escaped my hands.

As I live in a small apartment, I can’t afford having a very tall tree. So, to compensate this frustration, I decided to have two trees, a medium in natural color and a small one white. Both are fake trees of course, as it’s more practical for me. But if I were a living in a house, in the country side, like my parents do, I would have a big natural tree from the garden. Basically that’s what we do every year at my parents house.

As decorations, I used garlands, ornaments and even pieces of golden ribbons. I covered the base of my trees with some yellow paper (I didn’t have any golden one so…) I also used some crepe paper for hanging to make a separation between the trees and my boring furniture.

That’s all for today’s post. Thanks for passing by and reading.

I’ll talk to you in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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