How to make your house feel comfy and relaxing

There’s nothing better than a comfy home, a place where you can relax from your work day and breath away from the outside world.

It’s very important to have such a place, where you can reload your batteries and get back your energy to be able to face the outside world the next day. 

Today, I want to share with you my tips for how to make your home feel like a comfy nest that allows you to rest quietly.

#1 First, make sure you have things you really need in a room. A cluttered room isn’t relaxing in my opinion. First, make sure you have the needed things, then, you can add other things(but not too much)

I think a room is relaxing only if it relaxes each of your 5 senses.

#2 Relaxing for your eyes

-> The key is to have very bright rooms. Display your furniture so you have natural light coming as much as possible.

-> We want bright walls but it shouldn’t get cold. Rather use nude colors, light and warm colors, like cream for your walls instead of white that would just make the room feel like an igloo.

-> For your windows, use white veiling curtains, it’ll bring more brightness in the room. Then, add some occulting curtains in your favourite colors. It’ll add some color and warmth to the room.

-> Add green plants(fake or real, it doesn’t matter), to bring life to the room.


-> When you decore your room, make sure you use colors, patterns and themes you like, it’ll bring you joy, when coming in. Don’t forget to add wall-art, it’ll fill the space and prevent it from looking like an empty box. I woould also recommend you to use some beautiful books (old or new) as pieces of decor.


#3 Relaxing your body (sense of touch)

-> Add one or several rugs in the room, it’ll bring warmth to the floor and you won’t feel like walking on ice. The softer rugas are, the better.

-> On couches, armchairs and beds, add lots of pillows of different colors, shape and texture. It’ll give some volume to your space.

-> In the same process, display several soft and warm plaids.


#4 Relaxing your nose

-> Among your decor pieces, place some perfumed candles and occasionally light them to give a good smell to your room. There’s really nothing better than a room that smells good.

#5 Relaxing your ears

-> When you come back from work, put some relaxing music on, such as zen music or even gregorian songs(it’s very relaxing, believe me), or  any music that relaxes you. It’ll transform your room into a bubble of peace, like a cosy cocoon.

#6 Relaxing your tongue

-> Finally, make sure you have water and some fruits within reach, drink water and eat healthy food prevent you from eat junkfood and too much snacks and it also helps you to detox your body and your mental.

Then, as a final touch, you can add a pet, for the company. You won’t feel lonely and depressed as much.


Enjoy relaxing in your little home !

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤


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