Birthday Strawberry Pie

Today is a special (or not so special) day because I’m turning 24. Gosh, time runs so fast, I feel like I’ll soon be a grandma! :’D
Anyway, I wanted to celebrate with one of my favourite desserts, made with my favourite fruit ever, strawberry.
So I made an easy strawberry pie, and I was so proud of it I wanted to share with you.
Let’s get started!
First you have to prepare and bake the pastry, then prepare a custard and finally, fill the baked pastry with the custard and the strawberries.

#The Pastry
You’ll need:
250g of flour
130g of butter
– some water
Bake the pastry at 180°C until it’s getting brown.

#The Custard
You’ll need:
– greek yogurt
– sugar
The sugar may be optionnal, but being a gourmet, I chose to threat myself on my birthday, so I sugared the yogurt.

#Assembling the Pie When the puff pastry is ready and has cooled down enough, fill the bottom with the sugared yogurt. Then, display all the strawberries. Sparkle with some icing sugar on top and it’s ready to serve.

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you like it. Thank you for passing by and reading.
I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,
Until then ,take care of yourself ❤
Ady ❤

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