5 Ideas of DIY Pillows

There is nothing I like more than a cozy space with tons of pillows. And there is nothing I like more than making my decoration pieces myself. When shopping or simply going to the grocery store, I loke to have a look at pillows and pillow covers. But either designs don’t suit me, either prices are too high to my taste. So I end up not buying new pillows. But I still like to have lots of pillows.

So there is one option left for me: sewing my own pillows. Usually, i have the classical option, sewing together two squares of fabric to make a cover, but there are other options. Let me show you some of these I made.

#1 Heart Pillow

Simply cut two hearts into your fabric, ses all along, leaving one hole to reverse and fill.

#2 Marshmallow Pillow

Cut two rectangles and sew them TP create two tube. Close one end of each tube. Reverse and fill. Here I used sleeves from an old top. Finally ses together the two tubes, twisting them.

#3 Flower Pillow

Look at the post I made about this one, here.

#4 Russian Flag Pillow

That’s the easiest I believe and you can do the same with lots of flags. I simply cut and sew three rectangles, one white, one blue and one red, to make one side. I made this twice and sew together the two sides.

#5 Embroidery on Canvas Pillow

That’s the longest to make. First, you have to embroider on canvas, designs were already drawn on my canvas. Then, cut a piece of fabric of the same size and sew together the two sides to make the cover.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you like it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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