Pros and Cons of Having a Cat when being a Student

Hello! Today I would like to talk to you about another aspect of student life. It’s about having or not a cat with you.

Some people may, before starting studies, belong to a cat, like I did. I got my cat when I was 10/11 years old. And you may be like me, wondering if you should part with you kitty, leave him to your parents’ care, or if you should take him along. For other people, it may be the opposite. When leaving with your parents, you couldn’t get a cat and now that you’re leaving for your own little place for studies, you think about getting into this adventure and adopt a kitty.

I’m not planning to tell you how to adopt or bring a cat into your student life. I would rather talk to you about the pros and cons of having cat with you. These are the things you need to think about before deciding anything about a cat in your future place.

For me, it’s been 8years since I started university and 4years since my cat joined me in the city. You may wonder, what about the first 4 years? Well, at first I was still discovering the city and didn’t really know if it would be a good idea to bring him with me. I also thought he would be better with my parents in the countryside, in the house he has known since the beginning so… I lived apart from him for 4 years, seeing him while on holidays, on Christmas and Summer. But one Summer, after coming back from a one-month trip to China, I changed my mind. When I came home, I found my cat sick, almost blind. The reason he got sick was simple, he was deeply sad because I was away. I suddenly realized life is short and my cat needed me with him. So I brought him back to town with me the next September.

During the last 4 years, I consequently got more responsibilities concerning my cat and opened my eyes on some matters I couldn’t see before as my parents were here, taking responsibility for me most of the time. So, all the opinions about pros and cons I’m going to give you now are, of course mine, and belong to my experience of these last 4years.

Here we go!

#Let’s started with the cons. The less enjoyable side of the river.

– Having a cat with you implies (a lot of) attention. Your pet will need your presence by his side. It means you can hardly afford big weekends away, unless you have a trustworthy neighbor or friend living near. It can also vary from your cat himself. For example, mine is quite old and sensible. So I can’t even afford to leave him to a friend for a weekend, I can only leave him alone for one single day, no more. Other cats would probably have no problem at all, being in the care of a friend of yours for a few days while you go for a small trip. It depends on the cat age, personality etc. Still, in every case, one should bear in mind that if one has a cat, it’s not to be away most of the time, but to spend enough time with him, which makes sense I think.

-It also implies more costs. Obviously, this cat will need food, litter box etc and maybe vet cares(we all hope not of course, but we can’t predict that unfortunately). This an (important) part of your budget you have to be fully conscious of. Indeed, while you may restrict yourself, restricting your cat is different as he is under your care, his well being depends on you. You cannot suddenly cut off the litter, or his food, or change his food brand, as it may be traumatic for him. You understand it, it’s not gonna be a very flexible part of your budget. There is a necessary base you have to complete.

-Lastly, having a cat with you may also implies some risks for your furniture etc. Obviously, it depends on every cat. Some aren’t destroyers, but some of them are. My cat has always been a destroyer. You cannot imagine all the things he destroyed when he was younger! This is also a reason that made me leave him under the care of my parents at the beginning. Now that he is older, he destroys less, but still I’m very cautious.

So if you have a cat who tends to destroy things, think about it. If all the furniture is yours, if the apartment is yours, well it would be less problematic. But if you’re in the same case as I’m, living in a rental, with a furniture that doesn’t belong to you, it may be risky, as you would have to pay back for this destroyed stuff.

Let’s move on to the other side of the river, the more enjoyable, as important as the first one actually. Let’s talk about the reasons why having a cat is such a good thing as a student.

By the way, shout out to my bestie for these amazing pictures she took of my cat when she came to stay a few days with me! 🙌🏻

-it gives you responsibilities. And yes, I consider that as an advantage. Let me explain. For most of us, becoming a student is a major growing step in our life. It’s the time of emancipation, of adultness. This is a period of time when you learn to be truly an adult and do things on your own, having your own responsibilities for the first time, managing your own budget, bills etc. And having a cat, as we previously said, implies attention and responsibilities as parenting does. A pet is like a kid you have to raise up, to feed, to take care of. It’s like an apprenticeship.

-it gives you rhythm. When you have a cat, you have to get up to feed him, you have to give him regular attention, you have to clean his litter box etc. All these actions require some regularity and this regularity is good for you. It gives you an healthy rhythm in your days and helps you not to get drown into your homework or any kind of laziness and unproductivity.

-last but not least, it gives you company. Since the moment you have a cat with you, you won’t feel alone anymore in your (small) apartment. It’s like having someone by your side. In that regard, it also prevents from depression. Having a living being with you helps not to get stuck into bad thoughts all day long. Even if your at doesn’t speak, he can be very comforting in moments of sadness and despair and helps you to recover faster.

This is what ends this post. What are you thoughts on this subject? I would be very happy to hear them. 😊 Anyway, I hope this was useful, interesting for you. Don’t hesitate to share this around you, I would really appreciate this small and silent support. 🤗

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog, it means a lot to me.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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