My Top-5 Favourite Chinese Dramas

Hello everybody! Today I wanna share with you something a bit different from usual. You may not know, but I’ve studied Mandarin for 10 years. And during this learning process, I’ve discovered the Chinese Dramas aka series. And this is how started a great love story, or should I rather say, an addiction… 🤔

Anyway, when learning the language and about the culture as well, I got used to watch different c-dramas, as we call them. And over the last decade I’ve like some of them, dislike others etc.

You maybe don’t know what a c-drama is. It’s quite simple, actually. Usually you get a large amount of episodes (around 40 in general) each episode being about 45minutes long. It’s not like western series which may have multiple seasons.

Today, I wanted to share with you my favourite ones, 5 in total. You can find most of them on YouTube with English subtitles (if I can find them I’ll link the playlist for you). So if you looking for something new and refreshing to watch, if you are learning Mandarin or whatsoever, you should give it a try. ☺️

Here are my top-5 favourite c-dramas!

#1 Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love) from 2017

It’s a wuxia-fantasy one. The story takes place in the legendary world of gods and spirits. It’s the love story between two high gods, Bai Tian a white nine tails fox and Yehua the Crown Prince from the Heaven Kingdom.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes on YouTube, with subtitles: Watch.

Picture found on Saniya Madram blogspot, click on the picture for more details.

#2 Legend of the Condor Heroes from 2008

This is martial arts one, talking about love and friendship. It’s the story of two young men, supposed to be sword brothers. Along the serie, we see them growing up, in their love life as well as in their martial arts abilities. We also meet with great figures in the world of martial arts heroes.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes without subtitles : Watch.

Here is the first episode with English subtitles (potentially other episodes following but I’m not sure) : Watch.

Found on Pinterest, click on the picture for more details

#3 Chinese Paladin from 2005

This is another wuxia, fantasy one. It’s the story of Li Xiaoyao, a young man who happens to meet with the love of this life but in the same time with a dangerous sect trying to kill him. We follow his adventures, such as learning martial arts to fight against the sect and protect his love.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes without English subtitles. Watch.

Found on Wikipedia, click on the picture for more details

#4 The Emperor’s Harem from 2011

This was the very first one I watched. The story takes place during the Ming dynasty and inside the forbidden city especially in the harem. We follow a young woman ans fwe friends and every obstacles she has to overcome. We can see how life was hard in the harem, with all the conspiracy between concubines etc. You got thrills every episodes I would say.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes without subtitles. Watch.

Found on jolecole.blogspot, for more details click on the picture

#5 The Disguiser from 2015

This one takes place during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai before the civil war in China. It’s the story of three brothers and how they engage themselves in the fight for the sake of their country. This one was a top-ranked one in 2015 with a major success in China.

Here is a playlist with all the episodes without subtitles. Watch.

Found on Viki, click on the picture for more details

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you like it. If so, feel free to share with others. It’ll help me lot.

Anyway, thank you for passing by and reading my post. I do appreciate.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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