First Post but not First DIY

Hello everyone ! How’s your weekend ?

Time passed between when I created this blog and now…Being rarely at home, quite busy and thinking about the blog once I was in the bus… Shame on me! But today, when I woke up, I said “OK, that’s enough, let’s go to work on the blog !” So here we are, with this very first post.

As I already said in the title, it’s not my very first DIY…. I did many of them before this blog but this one is (I think) the best one to start the blog. This DIY is about the blog’s headband. When this blog was still in preparation, not created yet, I thought ” That would be great to do myself the letters writing the blog’s name ! Let’s do it ! ” So I did it.

I have to confess that it took me quite a long time to finish it. As it was my blog’s name, it had to reflect the blog(and me) perfectly (almost 😉 ) So I had to be very careful…

That’s enough talking, let’s go to the DIY itself !

 The material I used to do the letters , I’m pretty sure everyone does have it. I used cardboards(thin or thick it doesn’t matter), toilet paper roll and white paper strips.

On pieces of paper, I draw my letters’ patterns, before drawing them on cardboards.

Then I cut 2 of each letters in the cardboards.

After that, I cut the rolls into pieces of about 4cm. Enough to fill the letters like so:

I did that for each letters. To fix all the parts together I used double-sided tape. Just to hold the overall while doing the following steps.

Next, I took my paper strips and covered with them all the sides of my letters, it both made secure the all thing and made it look more finished.

Now, it’s the funniest and best part ! Decorating the letters ! Personally, that is my favourite part:until now, your creation isn’t yet a creation, it’s banal, it’s not personal yet.

This when you decorate, personalize it that you create, that it become YOUR creation.

For the A, I went for confettis, the only problem for me was that there were absolutely no confettis in the entire house…So, to solve this huge problem, I had to make some, which means to cut into papers I got enough confettis…. Honestly, that was not such funny 😥 so believe me, if you need confettis, don’t be like me, wait and go buy some later, it’s not a very thrifty way, but doing your own confettis is so boring and so endless. 

Anyway, when my confettis were all done, I protected the area with some newpapers and put my letter on it. To glue the confettis, I used spray glue, that’s easy to use, you don’t need any brush…(sometimes, mod podge etc is more practical but here I didn’t have any)

I let it dry in a safe place, where my cats couldn’t reach it and waited for 1 day, just to make sure. But the result didn’t please me that much, it wasn’t that girly. It needed more color, more pink, so I used some old pink colored nail polishs and did drops of every sizes everywhere on the letter. At last, I was OK with the final result. =D

Afterwards, I carried on the D. A few days sooner, my mother and  I have been tidying up her sewing workshop ( I know where my “keeping everything” gene is from ) and it appears that a lot of stuff did migrate into MY workshop ! Among all that stuff (which i still waiting in the middle of the room for a place to go) I had some cute shiny  yarn. How to tell you that when I saw the pink one… I couldn’t think about anything except using it for my project ? I just fell in love with this color.  Anyway, with a small piece of double-sided tape, I secured one end of the yarn on the letter and rolled up it all around the letter. As some parts of the D are quite curvy, I covered those with some linen ribbon to add a little rustic accent.

To be honest with you guys, I still don’t know if my favourite letters is this one or the next one. I love so much how it turned out ! Don’t you think ?

Next I moved to the Y. Until this moment, I managed to get colors I like on my letters, but there was something missing, guessed what ? Flowers ! I love flowers, it’s so pretty, so pure. I had no choice but adding some floral effects to the name of my blog ! 

Again, I had no fake flowers in my house, so I had to find a way. I decided to try a tutorial seen on Pinterest( my ever favourite social media, everyday I have to check it 🙂 )                     I used pink(again !) fabric scraps that couldn’t be used for cloths sewing etc. I cut for 1 flower 6 circles of fabric.

 Then I put them together and made a sticth in the middle.

Next I folded it in 4 to get the flower shape.

I used different shades of pink, even a little bit of blue/green. When all the flowers were done, I took my glue gun and hot glued the base of each flower on the letter. Notice that the more flowers you glue on the letter, the prettier it would be, so make sure flowers are close from each others.

Finally, for the S, I  went for something easier and quite simpler. I used the pattern I did on paper at the very beginning, put it on a floral themed craftpaper and cut out the letter form. And just sticked it on the letter. Who said it had to be complicated to be pretty ?!

I hope you like this very first post. I would like to hear your suggestions, advices etc. If there is anything you wish me to do on this blog, any project idea you have… Tell me, I would be so happy  🙂 Tell me in the comments what letter I did is your favourite. If you make your own letters, please share with me ( on Instagram with #adysletters) ! I love to see what the others make. 

Thanks for passing by, see you next post ! Bye guys !


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