My Christmas Essentials

Hello everyone ! How is your Advent going on ? Today, I wanted to share with you something slightly different, no DIYs, no recipes. Only what I would call my Christmas essentials. My favourite music, activities, food and so on. Those things that make me  feel Christmas mood all day around.

  • Christmas Playlist

#The complete “The Nutcracker” Soundtrack ( amost-have for Christmas)

#Let it snow, by Bing Crosby

#Have yourself a merry little Christmas, by Judy Garland

#Jingle Bells, by Frank Sinatra

#Silent night, by Frank Sinatra

#Christmas Memories, by Barbra Streisand

  • Favourite Advent Activities

#Go shopping(or not) in decor shops and charge into the Christmas decorations section


#Decorate the whole house(not kidding, if I could decorate 200% of the rooms, I would)

#Make Christmas DIYs( wait for the dedicated post, it’s coming, I’m working on it)


#Bake Christmas Cakes, if you want to check out my Christmas cake recipe, here is the link: Christmas Cake


#Prepare Christmas Cards; Advent is not only a period when you wait for your presents under the tree, it is also a period when you should take care of the others( more than the rest of the year)

#Go to the Church on Christmas Evening and sing with happiness in my heart(and trying to  share this happiness with other people)

  • My Christmas Movies Selection (when I was a kid, my brother and I weren’t allowed to watch movies on morning except for Christmas, and I think it added something special to this day for us, but curiously we wouldn’t run to the TV set and watch a movie, we would rather eat chocolate and play with our new toys)

#A Princess for Christmas (2011) [Christmas themed movie]

#Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) [Christmas themed movie]

#Stardust (2007) [Fantasy]

#The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

#The Secret Garden (1993)

#The Secret of Moonacre (2008) [Fantasy]

#Snow White (2001) [Fantasy]

#Ben-Hur (1959) [Peplum]

#The Lord of the Rings Trilogy [Fantasy]

  • My Nativity Scene
  • My Favourite Drink for Christmas – I do have 2 favourite drinks for this period, hot chocolate and christmas tea 🙂


That’s all for my Christmas Essentials. I hope you like this post and found some ideas for yourself. 🙂 I wish a good day(or evening, whatever)and I thank you for reading.

I’ll see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤



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