Christmas Cake

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? How is your Advent ? Something I like about Advent is that it can be a good excuse to bake tons of cakes during the month 😉 😀 So, today, I’m gonna share with you one Christmas cake recipe. A very easy-to-make recipe. Let’s get started !*

This cake is a two-flavour one. So you’ll have to bake 2 different cakes: One chocolate-flavoured and one orange-flavoured. 

#Chocolate cake:


-100g chocolate     -3 eggs

-100g butter           -200g flour

-100g sugar             -baking powder

Mix all the ingredients together and bake the cake for 45 minutes at 180°C.

#Orange cake:


-225g butter           -3 eggs

-225g sugar             -2 oranges

-185g flour              -baking powder

Mix the butter, sugar, flour, eggs and baking powder togather. Add the zest from the two oranges and the juice from one orange. Bake for 40 minutes at 210°C.

#While your cakes are cooling down, prepare the cream.

For the cream, you’ll need sugar and sour cream. Mix the two ingredients together until you get a smooth and sweet mixture. 

#Build the cake 🙂 

It’s time to assemble all the elements and to build our Christmas cake !

First, place the chocolate cake on a plate.

If your cakes are not too thick, you can leave them as they are, but if they are thick(like mine) cut them in two( horizontally) and keep that you cut to make another cake or to make more levels in this cake. Here, I wanted to make only two levels, I thought more would be too much as this cake is quite fat.

Now, on the chocolate part, apply a layer of cream( the quantity depends on what you prefer). Then, place the orange part on the cream layer. The next step is optionnal, if you don’t want the cake to be to much fat. Apply the rest of your cream on the top and all around the cake.

Then, place it in the freezer for a night.

The next morning, prepare the icing. You’ll need 360g of icing sugar, 90g of butter, 60mL of milk, cinnamon powder and red food coloring.

Mix all the ingredients together. Be careful that the mixture doesn’t get too liquid, if too liquid it won’t settle well on the cake.

Get the cake out from the freezer and simply cover it with the icing. When you finished, place again your cake in the freezer for at least 24 hours.


Come back 24 hours later or when you want to serve your cake. Add some decorations such as sprinkles or just powder some icing sugar on top of the cake(like I did)



You can modify the recipe by replacing chocolate and orange by coffee, lemon or  speculoos or any flavour you like.


I hope you like this recipe. If you try it, don’t forget to tell me what you think about it 🙂

I wish you a nice Advent time. Thank you for reading my blog.

I’ll see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself ❤

God bless you ❤

Ady ❤

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