More Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? Christmas is coming so far, are you excited ?! Today, I wanted to share with some wrapping ideas, I thought that maybe some of you were in my case, not finished about wrapping gifts…. Anyway, let’s get started, we have no time to lose !

#Tissue Paper Basket

You’ll need a basket and some tissue paper. Place your gift into the basket and wrap it with all the tissue paper like so:


#Snowman Wrapping

You can use this technique to wrap cylindrical objects like a jar. Simply wrap with white paper like so:

Use permanent markers to draw eyes,  the carrot, buttons etc And to make the scarf, use a piece of ribbon.


#Drawer Box

You can use this one to wrap books for example. Take two cereal boxes. For one, just remove the small strips on the top. For the other, cut it like the one on the picture(remove the strips on the top and one side of the box, to make a drawer) Cover all the elements with paper, or paint it, as you like. 🙂 


Done 🙂



I hope these ideas would be helpful for you guys. Thank you again for reading. This post will be the last before Christmas. I wish you a good day, get well prepared for Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas with your family and I’ll see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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