Celebrating 2018

Hello  everyone !!! Are you ready for 2018 ? Do you have good resolutions for 2018 ?I’m sure we all have some each year, but each year the same thing happens; they are half-done or not at all. That’s why I’ve decided to share with you today a DIY and advices for how to  well start this coming year, this way alml our goals would be  achieved for 2018 🙂 . Are you ready ?! Let’s get started !

 A Resolutions/ Goals Board:

On a slightly more serious note, let’s talk about new year’s resolutions and goals. You know, those promises you make on the first of January, that you keep on 1 week and then give up. 😉 With this DIY, I ensure you it won’t be this way anymore ! 🙂

You’ll need a big picture frame, sticky notes and some paper.








Remove the glass part. On the background, glue a paper sheet. Reassemble together all the parts of the picture frame. On the glass part, glue some sticky notes and a pocket like this one(we’ll use it to put some important papers):


Taddaaa !!!! Now, write down on sticky notes your resolutions and goals, and when you’ve achieved them, just remove the note. On the blue area, you can write down important things for the week, a meeting, an event etc



How to start a new year:

-Sort in your closets, your clothes, your books etc

-Store things you don’t use but don’t want to give away, in boxes and store these boxes in your attic or cellar.

-Give away things you don’t want anymore. (this way, you’ll make someone else year better)

-Make a balance sheet of the previous year, see positive and negative points, things to approve for the coming year.

-According to this balance sheet, set goals for the coming year.

-Make a planner to write down important events as elections, registrations etc, to make sure you won’t forget anything.


That’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it.

I wish you good fortune, success in everything you do, to find love, make new friends and a lot of good things for this new year ! 🙂 ❤

Don’t forget to enjoy every magical times that life gives you, every moments with your family, your friends, your beloved etc ❤

I’ll talk to you in a next post ❤

Take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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