Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone ! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂 Also hope you’re not drowning under the storm. Here it’s a nightmare(…..ok, almost a nightmare) It’s cold, windy, rainy and the ground is sooo wet! (how can it be, so much mud ?!) Anyway, when the weather is this way, the only thing we want to do is to stay inside, in the living room by the fireplace, in the sofa with a cup of tea, a book or your handiwork.  That’s why today, I wanted to share with you two little  decoration DIYs for your house. Hope you’ll like them and let’s get started ! 🙂

#Mini Stained-glass Window

You’ll need a piece of glass( mine was from a picture frame I already used for another DIY, DIY Phone Holder )

You’ll also need a drawing( you can draw it yourself or print one from the internet) and permanent markers. Place it under the glass. Then color all the parts with colored permanent markers. If you don’t have permanent markers you can use normal felt pen and at the end apply a layer of top coat. Let it dry for a while and display it in your living room.



#Fake Plants

For this DIY, you’ll need some wire and some green thread. Make a leave shape with the wire, then « fill » it with thread( the pictures are easier to understand) Use some glue or double sided tape, to fix the thread on the wire.wp-image--1478750998















Now, let’s make some flowers to add a little bit of colour. You’ll need some paper cupcake molds. Cut them like shown in following pictures. Then, roll it. Take a piece of wire, make a fold and add some double sided tape. Use it to set the paper flower on the wire. Use an other pice of tape to secure the whole flower. And finally, make another one in a different colour and glue it into the first flower you made.wp-image-1979008235

Now, take a pot or vase, fill the 2/3 with cat litter and the last 1/3 with decorative stones. And finally stick your plants in.




That’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed these DIYs. Thank you for reading my blog. I’ll see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤




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