A Unicorn in her Boudoir

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? Did you have a good New Year’s Eve ? Did you spend it with your family or friends ?  As you know Christmas is already over but I still myself feel a little bit of magic, and I wanted to share with you this magic to start the year. That’s why I choose to make a Unicorn themed DIY  and other cute DIYs. Let’s get started !

#Unicorn Ear Muffs

For this DIY, you’ll need ear muffs, some wire and some yarn. First, fix the wire to your ear muffs like in the picture and twist it. Then, cover it with white yarn to make the horn. When you’re satisfied with the size of the horn. Twist some colored yarn around like I did. Use the same yarn to make some “hair” to your unicorn. You can make more “hair” than I did. Simply cut pieces of yarn and attach tehm to the horn(at the base) with a knot.





Here is the final result.




#Mini Makeup Box

Even Unicorns need makeup and storage for all their products. 

For this little box, you’ll need a cotton buds box, fabric, an elastic string and beads.

Cover the box with fabric. For the closing, I glued one bead on the front and the string on the top of the box. To hide and hold firmly the string I also glued a gem on it. And that’s it.



#Nail Polish Remover Jar

I don’t know if unicorns use nail polish but let’s assume it ! You’ll all agree with me that removing nail polish can so annoying. But with this small jar, it can be easier.

You’ll need a small jar, some sponges and some nail polish remover.

Cut sponges into pieces to make it fit more easily in the jar. Put them in the jar and fill it with nail polish remover. Done ! Can we talk about how much cheaper this one is compared to those sold in shops ?! There are so many things that we can make ourselves for cheap. So many little things….

Now, it’s time for our unicorn to get ready and make herself prettier than ever, because she has to go and spread out some magic all over the world ! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did.

Thank you again for reading.

I’ll see you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤


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