My Bucket List

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? I’m verry happy to meet you again for this post. Because today, we’re going to talk about my bucket list, and believe me, it’s a quite long one πŸ™‚

We all want to do several things in our lives, we dream to achieve these goals. But sometimes, we don’t really succeed, because life isn’t only what we wish. However, the most important about a bucket list isn’t about achieving everything we planned to, it’s about giving us some goals to draw our life path, to motivate us. It’s like a To-Do list, but for your entire life, great isn’t it ?

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what my bucket list could be about so let’s get started right now ! πŸ™‚

In my life, I want to:

-Go to New Zealand

-Own a horse

-Go to Japan

-Swim with dolphins

-Go to Finland

-Build a tiny house

-Go to Taiwan

-Get a Pomenarian dog

-Go to Mexico

-Fill a room with pillows

-Go to Greece

-Launch an Etsy shop

-Get a Munchkin cat

-Go to Mongolia

-Attend to the Nutcracker ballet

-Go to Guatemala

-Meet Kelly Mindell (from Studio DIY), my forever favourite blogger

-Go to Bhutan

-Adopt a pet from a shelter

-Write and publish a book

-Go to Egypt

-Have a walk-in-closet

-Sew by myself my wedding gown

-Attend to the Firebird ballet

-Meet my 3 favourite Youtubers, Girlyaddict, Idungoddess and SaraBeautyCorner

-Go to Thailand

-Own a house with a pool

-Visit th hobbit village from the Lord of the rings in New Zealand

-Go to Hongkong

-Attend to the Sleeping Beauty ballet

-Go to Peru

-Visit the Christmas market on Red Square in Moscow

-Go to Iceland

-Get married

-Have, at least, 3 kids

Hum… I agree, that’s a very very long bucket list. And as you may see, I love to travel, and there are still so many countries I want to visit…. It seems I do have plenty of activities for the rest of my life, right ?

Bucket List.jpg

What about you guys ? Are some of these things in your bucket list too ? Do you also have a bucket list ? Is it as long as mine ? πŸ˜€

I hope you like this post, hope it helps you knowing me better. πŸ™‚

I’ll talk to you soon in aΒ  next post,

Until then take care of yourself ❀

Ady ❀

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