My Favourite Movies

Hello everyone ! What’s up ? Today I won’t be sharing a recipe, or DIYing, I’m just gonna talk about my favourite movies so far. I thought it would be nice to share with you and maybe make you discover a movie and tempt you to watch it 🙂 Stop talking and let’s get started !


Matilda movie


This 1996 comedy is the story of a little girl named Matilda, but not an ordinary little girl. She was very smart and also telekinesist . But her family doesn’t even see she’s special and so live quite in her on bubble. Until she goes to school and meet Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull…

I love this movie because it’s a quite funny story, you definitely have a good time watching it. Also, the main character loves to read books, and so do I. And most of the time I’ve been mocked by other people because I love to read. So in a way, I think I compare myself with this smart little Matilda. Unfortunately, I’m no telekinesist….



#The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden


This 1993 movie is part of my childhood. My grandma made my brother and I watch it, and I’ve always loved the story of this little orphaned girl, coming to Britain from India, discovering her uncle’s manor, her late aunt’s garden and bringing both the manor and garden back to life. In this movie I love everything, the story, the landscapes, the garden with all the flowers blooming in Spring(did I ever tell you I love flowers ?)… Everything. I definitely recommend it to you.




That’s another classic from my childhood. Not the same kind I have to admit. But this movie has been my ever favourite since I’ve seen it for the first time and I think no movie won’t ever be able to dethrone it, not even The Lord of the Rings ! I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard at least once about this movie because it has been the first to get 11 Academy Awards in History, in 1959( I’m not sure, it was released in 1959). Since then, many other awards have been created so many more recent movies got more awards than Ben-Hur, but honestly they don’t get to it’s level. Of course it’s my opinion, but I’m sure that if this movie was produced in the recent years, it would get far more awards than all the others !  For those who don’t know this movie, the story takes place in Judaea during the Roman occupation at the times of the Christ. It’s about a wealthy Jewish family who suddenly  lost everything. The main character Judah is sent as a slave on Roman ships and swear to return and get revenge. During the movie, apart from Judah’s story we have scenes related to the Christ, such as the cruxifiction. According to me, this movie is the best because of the magical music composed and conducted by Miklós Rózsa and the power of the messages given. As a kid, when I was only 7 or 8, I loved that movie so much that I could watch it every day( I did watch it entirely each day about thrice), I have to mention this movie lasts 212 minutes. My parents were desperate, they thought I was insane :’) , but I wasn’t, I just love this movie and feel transported each time I watch it. I never get tired of this movie.




I’ve always loved the History of Precolombian civilizations such as Mayas, Aztecs, Incas etc. So, discovering one of the rare movies featuring them, was amazing. However, this movie isn’t proper for kids as it shows some violent scenes( such as the sacrifice). I like the story told in this movie, the loyalty from a husband to his wife and son, who will do anything to be reunited with them. I also love in this movie the landscapes, how the life of these people is accurately presented. Something that annoys me, is when directors don’t follow History with accuracy and transform things like clothes, events, the way of life of this time etc So I was very pleased with Mel Gibson’s work in this movie, especially when I heard actors were speaking local languages in the movie. With all these elements, I think it’s easier to feel how it was, to submerge into the world presented in the movie. So the story itself is about  a Mayan man who has been captured by another tribe and who will do anything to come back to his village where he hid his pregnant wife and his young son. The story is really breath-taking, you never get bored when watching, never. The only malus I would give to this movie, is that they quite mixed up Aztec and Mayan elements, the sacrifices were mainly Aztec and not Mayan, but overall, the movie is fantastic.

#Lord of the Rings

Lord of the RingsI don’t think introducing you with best-seller adaptation is quite necessary. Everyone knows the Lord of the Rings. I would say this movie is my second favourite, following Ben-Hur. I love the message of this movie, how Good fight Evil, how it shows that everyone has to stand up for saving the world from misery, oppression etc. But I also love the world the story happens in. Fantasy books are among my favourite books, so it would be with movies. Since I discovered the movies, I instantly wanted to read the books, and so did I. Then, I couldn’t stop myself anymore, I read ALL the books from Tolkien. And they are now one of my favourite book collection in my room. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I religiously take care of them. 😉


#Nefertiti, queen of the Nile

NefertitiI previously told you I’m passionate with Precolombian civilizations, it’s also the case with Ancient Egypt Civilization, but honestly, who doesn’t admire Ancient Egypt ?! So this movie is the story of a young vestal who falls in lmove with a sculptor, but unfortunately, gets married to a prince and eventually becomes queen. 

Contrary to Apocalypto, Nefertiti isn’t an accurate movie. The story told isn’t the real story of Nefertiti. But I love to much this part of History to take that much attention to that. The story told is still beautiful. But the movie leave me unsatisfied, when the movie ends I’m always like” Wait a minute, that’s all ?!” I feel like the story is unachieved and that’s a pity. The feeling get worse when you realize there not a lot of movie featuring Ancient Egypt and that this one is of the most accurate. I don’t know how it works for you, but I think it’s a shame that directors don’t consider making movies like that. Accurate movies, of course, or there is no interest watching them( in my opinion).


That’s all for today’s post. I hope you like it. If you saw one of these movies, or know one similar, please let me know your thoughts, I would be glad to hear it.

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post, until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤


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