My Top-4: Lunch boxes

Hello everyone! How was your week? Tell me, do you buy or cook your lunch meal ? Do you eat at your workplace, at home or at the restaurant ? Personally, to be honest, most of the time I don’t have time to eat lunch, I prefer to go to the library and work on my courses. But occasionally it happens I prepare something and eat it while spending my break with friends or reading if I’m alone. Today I’m gonna share with you some of my favourite recipes for workdays lunch(or any other days). I hope you’ll like them. Let’s get started! 🙂
#1-Healthy Lunch
This one is probably one of the most easy to make. All you need is some uncooked veggies( for example carrot, tomatoe, cucumber). When uncooked, these veggies keep their benefactions. Cut them in small pieces. If eating them like this is a little bit hard for you, you can make an easy sauce to go with.

For this sauce, you’ll need 1 yoghurt, some salt, any spice you like, some herbs(coriander for example). Mix all these ingredients. For proportions, it’s up to you, depends on what you want and prefer. 🙂
And finally, as a dessert, cut small pieces of any fruit you got at home.
I love this “recipe” because it’s both very easy and quick to make(I’m a little bit kind of lazy girl sometimes 😉 ), and very healthy( you keep all nutrients from your veggies and fruits and add very few extra elements unlike prepared meals from supermarkets)

#2-Warm Lunch

This one is a combination between starchy food( pasta or rice) and veggies(again !) Keep in mind that you’ll have to prepare it the evening before. Prepare one portion of pasta/rice( if you’re looking for something healthy, I recommend you rice, it’s better than pasta). In the meantime, cook one portion(or more) of veggies(zuchini is a good one) Avoid potatoe as it’s also starchy food.

When everything is cooked, transfer your starchy first in your box, then add some grated cheese(it’s optionnal but cheese is so delicious) and finally your veggies.
The next morning, if you know that you won’t be able to warm it up, do it at home before leaving and put the box into a isotherm bag to keep it warm until lunch. But of course, it’s better if you can just warm it up when it’s time to lunch.

I love this one, because it reminds me of Summer when I eat lots of salad. For this recipe, you’ll need cucumber, tomatoe, some endive, corn grains, surimi and cheese(maasdam for example) If you want to add some flavor, you can add some dehydrated shallots.
For the sauce, mix into a bowl 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Use a small bottle to store and carry it. Just before eating, all you have to do is to shake your bottle and add some sauce to your salad.


I think this last recipe is my favourite one. It’s a burger recipe.
Mix together some beef, some grated cheese, some salt, spices, garlic, herbs and one egg. Cook the mixture into a frying pan. Butter the bread. When the meat is cooked, take some and press it down into a round box then place it between the two bread parts.
Enjoy it with some ketchup or any sauce of your choice.





That’s all for today’s post. I hope you like it. Tell me, which recipe is favourite.
I’ll see you soon in a next post,
Until then, take care of yourself ❤
Ady ❤

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