Be your own kind of Beautiful

Hello everyone ! Welcome back ! I’m so excited about today’s post, you can’t imagine. Furthermore, the weather is stunning, I feel Summer slowly but surely coming back to us 🙂 . Now, before starting talking about today’s DIYs, I would like to talk with you about something important.
All the girls in the world want to be beautiful. There is no exception. But, some of us are born beautiful, some pretty, others not so pretty not so ugly and others ugly. And no matter our beauty level, we all want to be considered as beauties. Why ? Because we want feel better inside, and for that we need to feel better outside. Because we want all the world to look at us and say “OMG ! She’s sooo beautiful, I wanna be like her !”. Or because we just want to please to one man, we want to hear him saying to us “You know you’re beautiful”. To put in a nutshell, we want to be beautiful because we want to be considered, no matter by who, no matter how. This is our privilege to us women, being beautiful and leaving stars in everybody else eyes when passing before them. And it has always been this way, since ages. And trends have changed so much during time. So much. And so many girsl think that there is only one kind of beauty in the world, most of the time, it’s the trendy one. And so many girls are torturing, even destroying, themselves to fit to the trendy beauty. And I say “NO!” to this. No, there isn’t only one beauty in the world. No, we can’t be beautiful if we’re all the same. We’re beautiful because we’re unique. I say there are thousands of beauties, and even more. Since we all take care of our bodies, respect them and have a healthy mind, a good heart, we’re all beautiful.
So, girls, if you want to be beautiful, that’s very simple. First, take care of your body. Respect it. Be in good health. Second, be good. Have a good heart, have compassion and goodness inside of you. When you’re beautiful inside, you’re beautiful outside. The same, if you’re ugly inside, you’ll be ugly outside. And lastly, be unique, be different. Don’t fit to trends. trends aren’t good because they don’t last. God created us so that we can be different. He created colors so that the world would be colorful and joyful. Don’t be like others. Because if you look like others, no one would notice you, you would be nothing. If you want to exist, to get noticed, to be something, someone, be different, be yourself and not someone else.
But to get beautiful, there some tools we can use and willingly use. Such as jewelry. It’s amazing how a jewelry can simply transform someone or just add a little something and make this person shine like a star. Moreover, it’s even more better when you did it yourself. Because when wearing you won’t just hear “You look pretty with this necklace”, you’ll also hear “You’re very talented, this necklace you made is very cute”. See, you’ll get more compliments, who says no to this ? 😉
So today, I wanted to share with you how to make three jewelries. Two necklaces and one bracelet. Hope you’ll like them. And now, let’s get started ! 🙂
#Short Necklace
To make this cute necklace, you’ll need some elastic thread, of 50cm, and beads. First, make a knot at 10cm from one end of the thread. Then, thread your beads. Finally, make another knot, still 10cm before the other end of the thread. To wear it, you just have to knot it in the back of your neck, using the the space you left between ends and knots.

#Braided Bracelet
For this bracelet, you’ll need some cotton thread. Take 3 different colors, 6 pieces of thread of each, about 75 cm each piece. Use a bobby pin to hold these threads together on one edge.Then, make a simple braid, make sure it’s tight. Leave about 3cm unbraided on each end. Finally, join the two ends making a tight knot.

Here. You got yourself a nice boho-styled bracelet with not so much effort and materials. 🙂

#Pectoral-styled Necklace
Last, but not least. I’ll show you how to easily make a stunning necklace that’ll remind you about these gorgeous necklaces ladies used to wear at balls. 😉 For this DIY, you’ll need some fabric, kind of tulle (I don’t remember the name of this fabric), something quite light and thin, that wouldn’t need to get sewed at the end, and some gems. First, cut off the fabric the shape you desire. You can make it bigger or smaller than mine, depends on you.

Now, choose your gems and place them on the fabric and arrange them as you wish. Then, when you’re satisfied with the result, hot glue them. Make sure to place the fabric on a clean area, like a glass mat. Because when you hot glue the gems to the fabric, the fabric will get kind of glued to the mat. But don’t worry, just be patient, wait until it’s completely dry and then, gently separate the fabric from the glass. But you have to be very patient. At the end, you may need to cut off some of the excess of fabric on sides, to make it look more neat. On both sides, hot glue ribbons to knot them in your neck.

Taddaaa !!! What do you think?

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you like these DIYs. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog. If you have any suggestion for improving it, let me know ! I would appreciate 🙂
I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,
until then, take care of yourself and be beautiful ❤
Ady ❤

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