Spring Room Decor Ideas

Hello everyone!How are doing today ? 🙂 Today I’m back with two more DIYs for Spring, as Summer isn’t yet totally here, unfortunately. I’ll show you how to make an easy wall decor and a fake bird cage, with cardboard. Are you ready ? Let’s get started !

#Floral Wall Decor

For this DIY, you’ll need a piece of branch, some thread and some cupcake paper molds.

First, let’s make flowers. Take one paper mold and cut it as I did. Then, roll it up. Secure with some tape or glue. Then, using a needle, string it on a piece of thread.Make a knot to secure.

wp-1528745897161997536728.jpgAttach the other end of the thread to the branch. Make as many flowers as you wish. Personally, I made only two. I prefered to hang to the branch some wooden birds I previously painted. They were overstocking my drawers, so… 😉

Finally, I attached another piece of thread on this other side of the branch to hang it on the wall.
Taddaaa !! 🙂img_20180611_190004892106146.jpg









#Spring Bird Cage

It’s undeniable that this one is my favourite today. I’m quite proud of how it turned out. To make this very cute bird cage, you’ll need some cardboard, some paper napkins, some tape, some mod podge, paint and glue.
First of all, cut off from your cardboard the sides of the cage(see the picture). There shoud be 6 sides, including one for the door. Use a stanley knife to cut off the insides, unlike me. I used some scissors because that was the only thing I had. But don’t do it this way, it’s way more dangerous and it doesn’t do such a good job. When using a stanley knife, be cautious and get help from a grown-up if you’re a kid or don’t feel comfortable using it alone.

Here, I used some tape to make neat finishing, but it’s optional I think. Otherwise, you need some tape to join the ends. Now, place it on another piece of cardboard, check that there’s enough to make the depth of the cage. Turn your « sides » upside down, apply some glue and place the cardboard on. I’m not sure if it’s clear this way, pictures are more clear I think. 😉 To make sure it’s gonna glue firmly, I placed some books etc on it to press it down. Wait till it’s all dry.

For the door, cut a piece of cardboard that fits into the space left for that use. Round the corners and cut off two pieces, like I did. To hold it together with the frame, I attached it on top and bottom with a thread, making some kind of hinge. The idea was to hold it together but still allowing the door to open and close. On the other side, I glued a bead on the frame and loop on the door.

Now, for the top part. I finished cutting out the insides of roof parts at this step, which was a mistake I think, so you better do it earlier, when cutting on sides. Anyway, I did struggle to cut out these little pieces of cardboard. Had to pay for my mistake 😀 Then, I used a piece of thread to hold together all these roof parts, don’t worry, it’s not gonna stay. I just did that to ease the afterpart. From some thiner cardboard, I cut out 3 strips. Then, I fixed them to the ends of the 6 triangular parts. When it was done, I removed the ugly thread.

Now, time for the funniest!Just kidding, using mod podge is a real nightmare for me. What about you, do you like using it ?
As we don’t want our cage to saty like this, we have to decorate it. I went for covering it with paper napkins. I used this method for all the sides and the door. For the top, the depth and the inside of the cage, I chose green paint.

When everything was well dried, I went through my favourite part of this DIY, decorating the top of the cage.I made some ribbon bows, some flowers(like in previous DIY), glued some beads, wooden birds etc. I also used some paper ribbons, curling them to make some kind of climbing plants on the cage.

I only feared my cat would jump on the desk and destroy everything. Everytime I’m DIYing, he wants to help, but he doesn’t really help.I remember, once he did jump on the desk, the paw right in my paint pot…. As you probably guess I was very angry and had to stop my work to get this little guy to the bathroom and clean his paw, before he could licked it or paint the wall house with his paw !:D



That’s all for today’s post.What do you think of these DIYs ? I hope you like them.
Thank you for passing by, reading my blog.
I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,
Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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