Harvesting and Making stocks for Winter

Hello everyone!

I know that for many people Summer means beach, sunshine, hikes in the mountain etc

But, not that long ago it wasn’t exactly that way. For many people, in rural areas, Summer meant fruits to harvest, lots of work in fields. And time for making stocks for the upcoming Winter. Because for many of these people, what they would eat during Winter is what they would stock during Summer harvests.

Nowdays, many people forgot about that. Both in cities and rural areas. Which, in my opinion, is a shame. People forgot about the value of food, the work behind all the food you got in your plate. That’s one the reason why they waste so much.

In my family, we try to remember about that. Probably, living in the countryside helped a lot.

With years passing by, I’ve tried to waste less and less and to eat healthier and more products from our garden.

So, each year I manage to leave my parents house with some veggies, fruits from the garden.

But fruits and veggies aren’t the only thing I can. There are also aromatic herbs. Recently, I’ve been harvesting some mint, pepermint, thyme and a liitle bit of dill. The best way, I think, for canning herbs is drying and putting them into jars or paper bags.

I first let them dry under the sun, outside. Then, when evening came, I moved them to our attic where it’s perfectly dry. I left them there for a few days. And finally, I removed the leaves from the stems, crushed the leaves into jars. Now, I’ve stocks of herbs for Winter.

Furthermore, I managed to catch some jams made with some of our cherries, rapsberries, apricots and currants.

What about you? Do you make jams and jars full of food for Winter? Which ones?

I hope you like this post.

Thank you for reading my blog, I do appreciate it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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