Shuffling my Boudoir

Hello everyone!

This Summer I have been shuffling around my boudoir space in my bedroom. And it came to my mind that maybe it would be interesting to share with you the final result. Probably some of you would like to have some decorations, storage and layout ideas for themselves.

So here it comes!

Before shuffling, my dressing table was placed near to my wardrobe, creating a space I called my boudoir.

But it also created a confined space and I didn’t love it anymore. It lacked some light(which I really missed when doing my makeup and brushing my hair)

Moreover, my wardrobe was too small(or maybe I just have too much clothes 😂) and it wasn’t deep and high enough. So many of my dresses ended up hanging up on my door.

So one of my goals for this summer was to change all that and find a better layout both for my makeup/hair stuff and my clothes.

I quickly found out I had to set apart my wardrobe from my dressing table.

First, I’m gonna share with you how I solved my too-tiny-wardrobe problem.

I’ve to say that my bedroom is made of two rooms. One bigger and one smaller. Until then, the boudoir space was in the biggest room, with my desk and my bed. Whereas I had all my Craft stuff etc in the smallest room with a sofa(which isn’t mine, I’ve been invaded) and a TV.

As I already decluttered the small room, I was left with a little bit of extra space. So I chose to create a new wardrobe there. Actual it’s more a simple shelf with a rod than an actual wardrobe. But I prefer it this way, because no need to open doors to see what I have and my clothes won’t mould in a closed space. And it still does the job as a storage space.

So, I first screwed two steel triangles on the wall. Then, on top on these, I fixed a large piece of wood to make the shelf. As you can see, I’m using it to store big and quite light boxes that don’t obstruct the floor anymore. 👍

But let’s come back to the clothes. In the wood I simply screwed two hooks and put my rod on it. Guys, I was so happy when it was done. I could hang on ALL my clothes and none would drag on the floor. I was left with some space under the clothes so I use some of it to store my big luggage (containing all my bags) and some to store all my shoes in one place. (Yeah, they used to be spread everywhere in my bedroom)

If you want to know how I made my shoes storages, here the link to the post where I explain.

👉🏻👉🏻Reorganizing Your Closet

Now, if you ask what happened to my old wardrobe, as it was built-in, I couldn’t get rid of it. So now, I use it to hang on my Tee-shirts, pants and some coats that don’t mind the lack of depth and height of the furniture. 🤣

Now, I’m gonna show you how I arranged my new dressing table.

For this one, I chose to stay in the big room with my bed and desk. I kept the furniture I already had and added some new ones. To enlarge the storage possibilities and create something less confining.

I placed all my dressing set at the end of my bed, separating it with an armchair my mom gave me. I like this kind of separation, quite smooth, like a transition. I often do sit in this armchair when brushing my hair or doing a little bit of makeup. Or just relax or reading.

As you can see I went for an angular layout with the basis furnitures. The first one is the “old” one with the same mirror placed on top. I used the spaces to store boxes with my everyday beauty products, my hair products, my pouches and cases.

In the angle I added a strait table with a bigger piece of wood on top. Under the table, I placed a big box with all my peignoirs and sweats for cocooning evenings. On top of this table, in the corner, I displayed all my nail polishes and lipsticks using a little shelf storage I bought two years ago on a flea market. In a little kiwi-painted wooden tray(painted by me) , I displayed all my perfume bottles. Against the wall, I placed another mirror, just to enlarge the space by reflecting light.

Then, I placed a furniture, which was originally in the bathroom. But my mom got rid of it and I retrieved it, painted it in pink. Inside I made some divided storages (like the one for my shoes) I use it to store extra makeup, wax, different kinds of beauty products… And on top of this furniture, I placed a corner shelf. On the bottom, I placed a little box where I store my everyday makeup products. In the inside levels, I just displayed some decorations.

As you can see, I displayed my jewelry holders everywhere I could.

I think that’s all I can tell you about how I arranged this space. You can see by yourself.

I hope it was interesting for you, that it gave you any ideas, about the layout, the decorations etc.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you like it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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