All Against Pets’ Abandon !!!

Hello everyone ! Welcome back to my blog ! I hope you’re doing well guys. 🙂
One of my biggest passions are animals. I love animals( most of them, I don’t like reptiles, insects etc). Felines are among my top favourite animals on earth, with cats on the top. There is a little story my mother told me. When she was pregnant with me( birth was quite near), her cat went on her belly and streched himself out all the way. This way, still unborn, I had a kitty very very close to me. This is how we explain my love for cats and usually we say that I’ve always known cats, even before my birth ! With time, my love for cats has grown.
I always say that cats are better friends than humans, because they love so unconditionally, with no regards for your flaws. They are always here, by your side, no matter the weather, your money, you’re good-looking etc They are eternal friends, like guardian angels sent on earth to look after you.
And thinking this way, it’s very hard, rather say impossible, for me to understand those people abandoning pets. It would be more accurate to say that I can’t stand it. I can’t stand these people who consider pets as toys. They are no toys, they are living creatures ! For me abandoning your dog or your cat is like abandoning your kid ! When your abandon a pet, it means that you don’t consider it as a living creature, only as a garbage. The questions I would ask to these people are: “Why did you take a pet if it’s only to throw it away a few months later ?” I know the answer. Many people take a puppy or a kitty, because it’s cute and because kids asked for it, so as they would buy an Iphone, they get a puppy/kitty.
But with time, the puppy/kitty grows up and gets bigger. Then, Summer is coming up, these people want to go on holidays. “But what about the pet ? We can’t get it with us. Doesn’t it mean we shouldn’t go on holidays ? NO WAY !!!! We have to go on holiday !” So they choose to get rid of the pet. Some give it to friends, family or strangers. And some just abandon it on the side of the road on their way to holidays. To put in a nutshell, they don’t assume and don’t take their responsibilities.
I won’t talk about what these poor pets go through, after being abandoned. But I know most of the consequences. Hundreds, thousands of dogs, cats in nature, most of the time, not spayed or neutered, which means overpopulation of cats and dogs, which means more misery and so on. All that, just because some people did act with selfishness, without consideration, without thoughts about consequences. All that matters for these people is THEM. Nothing else. In our materialistic society, people get used to buy something and change it soon after, they don’t value things anymore, they are crumbling under billions of items, whose value become insignificant for them. So, how can we expect from them to respect animals and humans in this atmosphere ?
At home, we do have 9 cats (yeah, that’s a lot) and only 4 of them are originally “ours”…. What about the 5 others ? Easy. They were abandon on the side of the road and ended up in our backyard. In my family, we do respect life, so we wouldn’t, like other people, violently get rid of them. For some of them, we tried to find them a new home. But it’s not very easy, especially on Summer, when streets are full of abandoned pets. So, now we have 5 more cats with us, which means more cat food to buy etc. And for a pennyless family like us, it’s a big difference, believe me !
The message I want to relay today is simple. If you want to take a pet, first of all think about the consequences, what it’ll mean for your life. Then, adopt, don’t shop. There are so many pets waiting for a new home, pets who would be so grateful to be part of your family, pets who will love you so much, because they will know you are their “savior”. Also, don’t forget to spay and neuter your pet. Don’t worry, there will be still enough dogs and cats to perpetuate their specie. 🙂 This is important to prevent overpopulation and improve animals’ living conditions in shelters.
But today, not only I wanted to relay to you this important message, but I also wanted to share with you some …….DIYs ! But not any kind of DIYs, DIYs for your cats. What’s the best way to say to your pet that you love him, isn’t it? Make him new toys etc by yourself, he would be sooo happy to get it and to help you when making it :’D!
So let’s get started right now !!

#Candy Paper Balls
You’ll need lots of candy papers(good excuse to eat candies, right ? 😉 ) and an elastic. Fold the papers in a bunch, tie them with the elastic in the center. Like making a pompom. And finally, unfold the papers to create the pompom shape. Your cat will love this noisy and colorful toy, I assure you. 🙂

#The “Look-For-Treats” Box
Have you heard about these “gadgets”, where you put treats in, that are supposed to entertain and stimulate your cat’s brain ? I’ll show you how to easily make one for very very cheap( I think we can’t get cheaper than that =D)
You’ll need a box(shoebox for example) and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. Just display the rolls in the box like I did. If necessary, shorten the rolls to make sure the cat will be able to catch the treats, it’s supposed to entertain him not to torture him. 😉 Use glue to fix rolls together and to the box. Now, put some yummy treats( your cat’s favourites) into some of the tubes. It’s ready to use !

That’s all for today’s DIYs, I hope you enjoyed it. If you remake one of these, please let me know, I would love to see your own versions, or better your cat playing with 😉 <3.
Before leaving you, I have to tell you that I created an Instagram Account dedicated to my 9 cats and 2 dogs: @arakanandco . Go follow their adventures and stories on Instagram ! Thanks.
Again thanks for reading my blog,
I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.
Until then, take care of yourself, and your pets ❤
Ady ❤

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