My everyday acts for a Sustainable Lifestyle?

I’m certainly not perfect, no one is actually. But we all have a duty, tending to perfection. Everyday I try not improve myself and my way-of-living. Something that may sounds arkward about me, is that I’m absolutely not ecologist or minimalist, but still I do things that ecologist people recommend etc. I don’t like to be tagged as an ecologist actually. Because for me ecology and minimalism are types of fanatism. Fanatism isn’t good. I’m just a normal person. For me it’s normal not to throw in nature my garbage, it’s normal to reuse things before buying new, it’s normal not to consume as much as others do. For me, a normal society doesn’t use plastic to package food etc. For me, a normal society use wood, metal and paper as materials, no plastic.

In today’s society, we consume too much, eat too much, buy too much, product too much. With digital, we’ve experienced new way to create, to store and we learned to accumulate, consume more and more. We’ve lost ourselves in virtuality and lost our way into reality. People forget about things cost, about what’s important and what’s not. I think that’s why minimalism and ecology emerged. People are trying to find their way back to normality.

But sometimes it’s too much, when trying to go back to normality, they forget about moderation. This is why I call ecology and minimalism fanatism, because it’s going too far sometimes. If we listened to some people, we shouldthrow everything from our houses, just keep enough to survive, we should live almost like animals. This is not what Human was created for. Here I promote a different kind of lifestyle. A lifestyle allowing you to live without feeling guilty. A lifestyle allowing you to live when respecting Nature and others. We can call that moderate ecology, moderate minimalism etc

To find my way to this lifestyle, I take example on how our ancestors lived before society became what it’s nowdays. Of course I don’t reject everything from nowdays, but I just keep the good things( at least I try) and use today’s knowledge to replace bad things from past society.

As I already said, i’m not perfect, but I try to do my best to improve my life and lifestyle. And I know there are many people in the world trying as much as I can. Some people are better than me about that, others are maybe not as advanced as I am. And maybe there are people willing to change and improve. These people need to get encouraged. And the best way to encourage, I think, is to share our struggles, our tips, our way out. 

That’s why today I decided to share with you on this blog, how I try on an everyday basis to improve and make my lifestyle more sustainable. My target is to save money, respect Nature and create a beautiful world in the same time. 

Let’s get started !

#In general

  • Consume less
  • Reuse or recycle before buying new
  • Make by myself
  • Make sure I can reuse something before throwing it away
  • Always choose second-hand or handmade over new

#For my food

  • Grow as much veggies/fruits as we can
  • Not to eat too much meat (once a week is enough)
  • Prepare my meals all by myself and not buying prep meals
  • Use a filter carafe to drink running water instead of buying plastic bottles
  • Make my own bread(with my bread making machine), my own cottage cheese(using a cheese making machine), my own yogurts(in my multifunctional cooker)

#For my clothes

  • Retrieve my cousins, mom’s old clothes
  • Refashion my old clothes
  • Sew myself my clothes
  • Buy second-hand clothes

#For my bathroom

  • Use less products, just what I really need
  • Make by myself my own products ( Actually I’m tending to that)
  • Make my own menstrual pads (because having to buy some every month again and again is so bad for my wallet and for Nature, it’s only garbage)
  • Make my own cleaning pads (same)

#For my desk

  • Keep random papers to reuse as draft papers
  • Keep newspapers to protect surfaces when painting, crafting
  • Use pencils rather than (plastic) pens

#Concerning my garbages

  • Use papers useless for drafts etc to start up the fire
  • Give to our hens and rabbits
  • Compost as much as we can

#When shopping

  • Use reusable paper bags(DIYed) for fruits and veggies
  • When possible, buy in bulk food rather than plastic-packaged food 
  • Buy things that’ll last for a long time ( sometimes it looks way more expensive at the moment but if you think through, you realize that on long-term, it’s way cheaper)

#What I use in my kitchen for cooking

  • Bread maker
  • Rice cooker
  • Multifunctionnal cooker
  • Cheese maker
  • Blender

With these kinds of appliances, I need less water to clean them, I have less in my kitchen etc. And it allows me to make some of my food by myself much more easily.

Concerning my tools, I use metal ones rather than plastic ones, it lasts longer and it’s more eco-friendly. 

Concerning food storage, I try to privilege glass and paper container over plastic container.

#When cleaning my house

I try not to use too much different products. Seriously, there products that can be used for so many different things, no need to have thousand of different products for every thing. Moreover, I’m starting making my own cleaning products.

As you could see, there are things that I’m not doing yet, but want to do. As it’s a process, it sometimes needs time, I need to finish products that I have before using something else (even if I do it myself these). Furthermore, there are a few things I want to get, things that’ll greatly help me to improve. But these things are either expensive either not so expensive but as I’m poor, it’s the same result. So they are just waiting on a wishlist, maybe I’ll enough lucky to get some of these for my birthday or next Christmas, who knows? 😉 

I’m writing down this list here, to help you get ideas for yourself:

  • bamboo hairbrush
  • bamboo toothbrush
  • bamboo drinking straw
  • essential oils (would be useful when I’l start making my own bathroom products)
  • sustainable recipes/tutorials book ( to get more ideas)
  • period panties ( I want to make my own pads but having these panties would be better for me)

I’m quite sure they’re other things to do. But currently, this all I have now, and it’s better than nothing, right ?

I’m still working on it, and if you have any advices for me, please tell me, I would be so happy to learn new ways to improve my lifestyle and my life.

Sorry if this post was a bit too long, thanks for reading it till the end.

I hope you found that post useful, if you have any suggestion, please tell me. 🙂

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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