Why you should choose rural life over urban life

As a countryside girl who has lived in the city for 6 years, I can tell the differences between the rural life and the urban life. I can tell the pros and cons of each. But overall, I can tell rural life is far better and more human-friendly than the urban life. Let me explain you why I think the life we all should live is rural and not urban.

#From an economy point of view

-> Life is generally cheaper in the countryside. Things are less expensive, especially in non-tourists areas.

-> In the countryside, you can have your own garden, grow your own veggies and fruits, have some chicken etc, which means less food to buy and food of better quality in your plate.

-> In the same spirit, you tend to consume less and create more, you pay more attention to what you eat, drink and buy in general.

#Rural life is more convenient

-> First thing, you can have more space for cheaper. Look how much you have to pay to an apartment or a small house in town. For the same price, you can have a much bigger house with a garden in the countryside.

-> There are less people, at least less concentrated, int he countryside, which means less noise and more privacy.

-> Moreover, in the city you can’t have pets or just a cat. But this cat won’t be able to go out most of the time. Whereas in the countryside, you can have more than one cat and you can have a dog both for company and protection. (Of course it’s better to use this opportunity to rescue a shelter dog/cat)


#From a safety and social point of view

-> In the city, there are more and more cameras watching us. They say it’s for our own safety. Maybe it’s true. But still we’re watched everyday. I personally don’t like this feeling of being daily watched. In the countryside, we don’t have this issue. Sure, there is no camera to ensure own safety, but safety isn’t just about cameras and we have other ways to protect ourselves in the countryside.

-> Furthermore, countryside is less dangerous than cities. Let’s take this example of terrorism. Most of the time terrorist attacks happen in cities where there are a lot of people concentrated in the same place. It wouldn’t get as much efficiency in the countryside. Moreover, robberies are easier in the city than in the countryside, why? Because there is so much more activity in cities it’s easier not to be caught, whereas in the countryside, you’re very quickly spotted especially if the place is guarded by dogs (which is less likely in cities).

-> Finally, in the countryside, you maybe know less people than in the city, but you know these people better. there’s better communication between people, better relationships.

#From an environmental point of view

-> Many people would say cities are better than rural areas because of public transports and so less pollution. But if we look at the pollution rate, it clearly appears that cities are much more polluted than the countryside. So, how can we explain that? It’s quite simple actually. As I said earlier, cities mean population concentration (more than in rural areas), and this concentration implies more pollution, just look at the big chinese cities. They’re known as some of the most polluted places in the world. The bigger the city, the more polluted it is. Moreover, the public transports create a problem, in my opinion. Most of the time, we have a transport card to use of the transporting facilities, which means that no matter how much we use them, we’ll pay the same. So we tend to use them as often as possible. Also we get used to the convenient side of public transports, we don’t have to look at the road, we can do something else during the travel etc. So we don’t pay that much attention to our trips. If we need a bread, even just a bread or another same item, no problem, there’s the bus.

Whereas in the countryside it’s very different. First, there’s less population concentration so less pollution. But there’s something else. In the countryside, we usually rely on our car. And most of the time, we have to use it for everything, going to work, taking children to school, going to the doctor, going to the supermarket etc Everytime we have to get out, we need our car.  So inevitably, we’re careful how often we use the car. The use it when we have no choice, going to work, taking kids to school etc, and we use this opportunity, while we’re out to do other chores like supermarket, bank, post office etc. We would never use the car to get out just to buy a piece of bread. So at the end of the week, we use less our car than urbans use public transports, so we tend to pollute less and be more careful about our trips and our way to manage things together.

#From a health point of view

-> At first look, rural life is far healthier than urban life, because less pollution and better quality food.

-> Also, in the countryside, you do more workout when gardening, having a walk. It has been proved, people living in the countryside are far more active than urbans.

#From a spirit and mental health point of view

-> When you live in the countryside, it’s easier to get connected with Nature than in the city. Being connected to Nature helps you feel relaxed, focus on what’s really important in life and be happy. 

-> Most of the time, because you witness Nature and its evolution process, you know better the value of things, you don’t take verything for granted. you know where food comes from, you know it’s hear not by magic but because Nature provides us and because people worked hard to give us this food.

-> In the same spirit, it’s better to raise kids in the countryside. Because when they’re still young they can see and understand how Nature and Life work. Thanks to that, they have a different look on the world, it widens their outlooks.

To put things in a nutshell, I consider rural life cheaper, healthier, safier, more sustainable and more human-friendly than urban life in overall. That’s your opinion on this subject? Do you agree with me or is there points you don’t really agree? Please tell me, I would be very happy to talk.

Thank you for passing by and reading. I do hope you like this post.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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