Sewing my own Period Panties : 1st Attempt

It’s been a while since I have wanted to go more zero-waste and sustainable about my periods. But I definitively wasn’t interested with the cup. You know that piece of silicon, aka plastic… There was another solution, a better one for me: period panties. They aren’t as popular as the cup. But there was a little problem, aka the price. It’s too expensive for me. So I decided to make mine by myself, at least have a try.

Today’s post is only about my first attempt. I would come back later with my second try, because I already know there will be one.

Firstly, I found a panties sewing pattern. Then, using it, I cut the different pieces three times, twice into cotton fabric( from a tee-shirt) for the outside and inside and once into PUL fabric for the permeability. I also cut a piece of sponge fabric for absorbing.

First, I sewed together one cotton piece with the PUL piece. Then, I did the same with the last cotton piece and the sponge one.

Then, I placed the two parts, cotton sides against each other and sewed along, except for the side spots, supposed to get sewn to “close” the panties.

Then I reversed the whole thing. Finally, I sewed the sides to close. And when trying on (a very important step) I realized it was slightly not enough. So I unmade my previous job and used another method. To put in a nutshell, I sewed small ribbons on sides as closing and decorating functions.

Apologies to sewing experts, I’m no pro, I still have a lot to learn.

So, why am I telling you there will be another try? Honestly, I’m ½proud ½disappointed about this one.

– The size is a little bit small, even if I took a XL one (maybe it was a Chinese size 😅)

– I don’t like the shape, you know those low waist things, I don’t find them suitable and comfy.

But it doesn’t mean this one won’t be of any use. I’ll still use it as a complement or for low flow days. Thanks to this one, I’ve learn about the technique, the mistakes to prevent.

So next time, I’ll find another sewing pattern, a high waist one and I’ll make sure to take a size or two bigger.

#Sorry# This time I forgot to make pictures to show you how I made it, next time I’ll make sure to to have pictures. It’ll help to explain 😉

Thanks for passing by and reading my blog, I really appreciate.

That’s all for today’s post,

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself, ❤

Ady ❤

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