My New Bullet Journal

This past year, I’ve been trying the bullet journal for the first time. And I did like it. I find it quite useful for a few things. So I intend to have another bullet journal for the upcoming year. But there’ll be a few changes though.

In my old bullet journal, there was no real decoration, only a few stickers. With the new one, drawings will be honored.

In the old one, I had a page dedicated for my blog posts. I didn’t really use it, so I’ll get rid of it in the new one.

Previously, I had a page for good moments and memories. At this time, I wanted to get more positive and to concentrate on better aspects of my life. I’m not getting rid of this page, I’ll replace it with a slightly different one.

Speaking of the calendar, goals and review pages, I’m definitely keeping them.

Finally I’ll add some new pages. Let me show you.

First, there’s a few annual pages. For these pages, I chose a common theme, flowers.

First there’s a page for my schedule.

Then, one for my general finances, my scholarship, housing welfare, my bus bill, phone bill, my rent, my savings for taxes etc.

Then, a page for my goals for the year.

And lastly a page for my projects.

I decided to keep the same system for each month, not changing from one to another.

For September, I chose the back to school theme.

First, I made the goals page then the calendar. This time the calendar is better, not just a simple block. I kept the Quote space. I like this little one.

Then, new ones, trackers. The good memories page is now replaced by a mood tracker. This year, I want to focus on the proportions of positivity and negativity. Last year I wanted to erase the negative things. Now I want to see how much negativity and positivity there is.

Last year, I realized I gave up on workout, having good routines. That’s why I added an habit tracker. I’ll concentrate on three routines, the workout one, the water one and the darkcircles one(I want to reduce them).

Next, there’s a dissertation tracker, to follow my degree dissertation progress. And a money tracker, to check my spendings every month.

Two more innovations: a page for discoveries and favourites of the month and a page used as a reminder, for ideas etc.

And lastly the review page, with rubrics for each tracker and goals.

That’s all for the first month of my new bullet journal.

I’ll keep you updated on Instagram about next months themes.

That’s all for today’s post, hope you like it.

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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