Healthy Student Lifestyle

When becoming students, some of us may find hard to have healthy lifestyle working with our student life. In my case, it would have taken me a few years to get something more or less healthy. Even if sometimes I don’t follow it right, I manage to keep on track with this lifestyle that works quute well for me.


First thing is to set routines, regular routines. Regularity ensures a steady and healthy lifestyle. Here are the ones I try to keep on.

-wake up early (between 6:00 and 7:00) depending on your schedule, but you should allow yourself a later wake up on Sunday.

-have regular meal times, no matter how many meals you have in a day, they must be regular as luch as possible.

-do some workout every morning then have a good shower.

-Finally, depending of course on your homework etc, you may go to bed late but always make sure you have at least a 6 hours-sleep.


I’m no sport-addict, but I know doing some exercices is very healthy especially when you spend most of your days sitting on a chair before your computer. We don’t have to do some big workout or run for hours to get healthy. Just a little bit is enough when it’s regular. Here are my 3 types of workout easy to apply and not extreme.

-Walk, simply. For short distances, don’t take the bus, etc, just walk.

-Have a longer walk each weekend.

-Do some stretching exercices or/and yoga(why not) every morning and evening.


It’s always hard to follow a food routine when being a student and not having as much money as Rothschild, but it’s good to try as much as we can, isn’t it? Of course I’m no doctor, my knowledge about dietetic is quite low but I know a few things, basics that work very well for someone with no health issues. Remember it’s always good to ask for a doctor’s advice.

Anyway, here are the points I think are important to know and remember about food.

-have meat just once a week. Today we tend to eat far too much meat. We need some meat but just a little bit. People nowdays eat too much bad quality meat which honestly is exactly what an unhealthy food habit is. It’s better to eat less and better quality meat.

-have fish once a week. Fish is a good complement to meat, it gives us other nutriments our body needs. Personally, I can’t eat that “much” fish,because it’s too expensive.

-avoid prepared meals, they are not healthy at all, full of salt and fat etc.

-favor fruits and veggies.

-make by yourself as much as possible, it’s better to eat something you know what’s inside.

-for snacks, eat dried fruits, fresh fruits etc

-avoid refined sugar, candies, salty snacks as much as possible. Our body doesn’t need those.

– drink lots of water and tea. Keeping hydrated is important and what keeps our body working well.

Well, I think that’s everything I wanted to share with you. If there’s anying to add to these things, please let me know. Lastly, remember that of sometimes we don’t respect these “rules “, it’s okay, since it’s exceptional.

That’s all for today’s post, thank you for passing by and reading. I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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