20 Mini Therapies for Relaxing or Healing Yourself

Hello everyone, welcome back ! Today, as the wind knocks on my windows and as I remember how bad I was feeling one month ago (don’t worry I’m fine now), I want to talk with you about healing ourselves after depression, a loss or just simply relaxing after a succession of bad luck. In today’s world where everything has to produce something useful, where everything is about profitability, everything ends up going too fast. There is no place for silence, peace and healing time. And we end up being hurt more or less, sooner or later, in every way possible. We got physically hurt, emotionally hurt. The concept of « burn-out » didn’t really exist before our era. Depression and suicide weren’t as common as they are nowdays. I firmly believe today’s society doesn’t provide us with what we really need, we just provide this society with too much work, our sorrow, our wounds and our lack of trust and affection. For all these major problems, today’s society provides us with amounts of drugs, medicines and entertainment that don’t help us. These just erase our problems for only a few moments and when they are gone, our problems just grew bigger. We became medicines and fun consumers, we are not human anymore. As time goes by, we tend to forget what we truly are, what we truly need. Beauty is one of the things we truly need. Peace is what we truly need. Spirit is what we truly need. Our society forgot what is really beauty, inner beauty, transcendent beauty, it just gives us a stereotyped physical beauty that is condemned to wither one day. Our society forgot what is really peace, quiet, it just gives us a path that requires speed and few stops. Our society forgot what is spirit, it just gives us stuff to feed our bodies, it just gives us bodies, but there’s nothing to feed our spirits, there’s not spirits at all in today’s society. We are just living robots, or this is what our society wants us to be. Because this is the only way for our society to hold on, that we became robots that don’t think, don’t breath, just walk and work.

But this isn’t compatible with our human nature and so many of us suffer from this clash of nature between society and humanity.

Today, I would like to share with you 20 mini therapies I use when I feel the need to relax or heal. Some may not work as well for you, but I’m sure some will. Depending on how bad I feel, some work, some don’t, it depends. Sharing with you these tips, I just want to help others, let them know there are not alone and that it is okay not to feel okay in today’s society with what it offers us, because this society is simply not okay. This society has too many flaws to be okay with.

Let’s have a look at these mini therapies of mine.

#1 Do some adult-coloring

This is clearly one of my favourites. This one really helps me to relax. Being on my sofa, on my bed, with my coloring book and my pencils is something I really love. There’s nothing else in the world, just me choosing the colors I’m gonna use to give life to the drawing in front of me.

#2 Draw

This one is in the same spirit with the first one, it just takes longer and your not working on a pre-existing drawing but you’re also creating your own. Creating is part of human nature, this is what defines us as human beings and makes us different from most of animals.

#3 Embroider

If you’re not very talented or attracted by drawing, maybe embroidery is better for you, who knows ?

#4 Create a Bullet Journal

Appart from being a creative activity, Bullet Journal is also a way to look at the future and prepare it. And it also helps to organize the present and give it a new shine.

#5 Create a Photo Album

Or just go through one. Looking at good memories is always a good thing to do when not feeling as good as these days.

#6 Write a Poem

If, like me, you have the poetry fibre in your blood, maybe this one is for you. For me, poetry is a way of escaping and healing in the same time.

#7 Write Yourself a Letter

Write a letter where you put down all your worries and insecurities, a letter where you reassure yourself. I sometimes do this and I keep these letters. This way, when not feeling good, I just have a look on them and it does help a little(which is far better than nothing)

#8 Read

It will never be enough said. Reading is one of the best healing and spirit-nurturing methods in the world. As long as it inspires you, relaxes you, it is perfect.

#9 Listen to some Relaxing Music

It may vary depending on people, but for me, what relaxing music is mainly about Gregorian songs, some Zen music and some classical music. Right now, there’s one piece of music I can recommend to you, it is the Hymn of the Cherubim, composed by Tchaikovsky. This one is literally a piece of Heaven in my ears. It is so beautiful, even more when knowing it’s only voices, not instruments. I really recommend you to have a try, even if you don’t need to relax right now, just listen to it.

#10 Drink some Tea

That may sound too easy, but believe me. Having a hot flavored tea, feeling its hotness warm up your all body from the inside is really relaxing, especially in Winter or after a long day.

#11 Have a Hot Shower/Bath

Many people talk about this one, and it’s because it’s very efficient. Like when drinking tea, the hot water relaxes your muscles and nerves and provides us with a comforting feeling, exactly what we need.

#12 Have a Walk in Nature

Of course, this one is more efficient if you live in the countryside, like I do parts of the year. Just walking, listening to the wind, the birds in the trees, looking at what surrounds us, that is really a powerful therapy. You set your mind free, it flies with the wind, between the trees, above the fields, whereas your feet just take you along a path. At the end, both your body and spirit are at peace. You gave your body the exercice he needed, simple and quiet. You gave your spirit the freedom he needed. Both are in harmony and so are you.

#13 Do some Yoga or Stretching Exercices

This one is kind of an alternative to the previous one, if you don’t live in the countryside, or if the weather is not collaborating. Just play some relaxing music along the way and it will be great.

#14 Do some Cleaning, some Sorting out

It may sound a bit silly, but after giving my home a good clean, after sorting out my entire wardrobe or library, I feel much better. Expelling the dirt and mess from your home is like expelling dirt and mess from your life and psychologically it has power, believe me.

#15 Do some Cooking

I personally find very relaxing and comforting being in my kitchen and preparing something, special or not. If you want to heal your spirit, keep your hands busy, they said. And that is true actually. Because we tend to concentrate ourselves on what our hands are busy with, so we kind of let our spirit free, for a while.

#16 Do some Gardening

If you’re not a kitchen fairy, maybe your tumbs are green. Moreover, taking care of living beings is known to be a very good therapy.

#17 Play Solitaire

I find this way of empty our mind quite good, all you need is a set of cards and you can do it anywhere.

#18 Have a Nap

Yes, you read right. I said NAP. Sleeping is one the first curing methods for the body and the spirit. When we are sick, we need more sleep. And so do we when our heart is broken. Sleeping helps to cure and heal. We always feel better, at least a little bit, after a good sleep. So, if you’re not feeling well, feeling anxious, just have a nap and it’ll be alright.

#19 Practice some Purr-therapy

This one is very special to me, as I’ve always known cats, even before my birth. Cats are a big part of my life and I know I’m not the only one in the world. Just make yourself confortable in your bed or your sofa and snuggle there with your cat. Hug him, pet him, listen to his purrs, close your eyes. Many people would probably laugh at me for saying that, but cats do have a healing power on us. They purr when they’re happy but also when they’re not feeling well. They purr to recharge themselves and it also works on us. The waves they create when purring have effects on them and us.

#20 Talk with Someone

This one is very important, perhaps the most important one. When not feeling well, talk to somebody, somebody close to you, somebody you trust. If this person isn’t near you, write to her or him. But you have to spill out the bad feeling inside you, or it’ll become a poison. It’s kind of ironic because even if I know this method exists, I’ve never used it in my life, or perhaps only once or twice. Still I want to encourage you to do so. Do not keep for yourself your worries, your fears and your heartbreaks. Sharing is caring. Share with others, let them know you’re suffering and take care of you, help you. There’s no shame about suffering, about showing it to others. Humans are made to help each other, to live in groups. Not to be alone and keep everything for themselves.

That’s all for today’s post. I hope it’ll be helpful or inspiring for some of you. I would like to thank each of you for reading my blog and this silent support you are giving me by reading, liking or even subscribing to my blog. these things may be small but they mean a lot to me. So thank you for that.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤ 

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