How to organize a (birthday) party?

Hello everyone! Here is an extra special post I’ve been working on for months, even a year. In the beginning of July 2020 I celebrated my 25th birthday and had a party for the occasion. Since organizing such an event is a lot of effort, time and money, I wanted to share with you all the tips I collected over these last months of preparations to help others spending less time and less energy finding how to correctly prepare the big day.

Here we go!

Start a year before the event

-> set who you want to see on this day
-> set the theme (colors, deco style etc)
-> set the day
-> make invitations and send them

This was my main inspiration for the theme

You can also find here my inspiration board on Pinterest for my birthday party.

During the year before

-> set the menu, meal style
-> decide on the tent things, where to park cars etc
-> buy in advance drinks etc things that conservate
-> make your decorations
-> decide on the playlist and music set
-> choose your outfit
-> make any necessary work in your house

One week before

-> command bread etc
-> prepare your house for sleepover guests
-> cut the grass
-> set the tent a week before/ install the facilities such as the buffet etc

The day before

-> cook the day before and decorate the tent

-> install tables and chairs

Balloons I wanted, balloons I got

On the morning

-> go get the bread, warm the appetizers, prepare the tables and add final touches

My advices for saving money etc:

-Do the cooking and baking yourself. Freeze what you can. It’ll save you time the day before.

-Sending invitations one year before makes sure all your guests will be able to come.

-Prepare enough food. There’s nothing worst for guests than seeing the amount of food seems limited and so having to restrain. It’s better to have too much on this day.

-Feel free to ask for help from others. They can lend you tables, chairs, glasses etc. Some people may also cook a little something. The other positive aspect of doing so is that it gives the party a familial and community feeling.

-Flowers are a good decoration item. My brother invested for my birthday and bought loads of flowers to plant into pots and display everywhere. We also made some bouquets to decorate the buffet (and even added those I’ve been gifted).

As a flower lover, I was filled with so much happiness 😍

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

The final result aka the only minutes I was with my phone on this day 😅

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