I joined Patreon

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to talk to you about something kind of special. To put it in a nutshell, I need your help.

It’s been about 3 years since I started this blog. It helped me practice my English, regularity etc. It helped me finding myself, and it still helps me by the way. Over the last years, I’ve explored different fields, such as cooking, diys, thoughts about society, poetry, photography etc. When I created this blog, I didn’t really think about making money or even creating a community. I just wanted to express myself, try new things and maybe help others by giving out advices, hacks. I just wanted to share with others what meant to me, made me happy. And so did I. I shared with others and happened to find myself too, via this blog.

As I just said, I didn’t thought about making money from my blog, from my creative work. However, recently, my situation changed and so my thoughts also changed. You may not know, but I’m still a student. And over the last few years, I had the chance of having a scholarship, allowing me to live and study. I was very fortunate I know that. I could use my whole time and energy for my studies, unlike some of my colleagues who had to work in the meantime.

Unfortunately, I’ve been told a few months ago that I wouldn’t have this scholarship anymore after June 2020. This change is due to some administration rules “forbidding” having a scholarship for more than 7 years. Next September will be my 8the year in university… So here we are, studies still on-going and no more money.

Having to work to be able to study is something I’m not fond of, but still I have to do it.

But I thought of something. If I could make some money with my creative work, it would help me not to rely on a heavy part-time job and leave me more time for studying. So many people liked my posts over the last few years, many people even subscribed to my blog. I thought, maybe would they be willing to help me and support my creative work and in the meantime my studies? Maybe. At least, I could try and ask. It wouldn’t cost me at all so I jumped. And I created my Patreon page.

You may not know what Patreon is, so let me explain briefly. It’s a platform where creators can get connected to their community etc and get paid by them. In return, the patrons get exclusive content, free content, different kind of “privileges”. This way creators can keep on creating while living and patrons get more content.

In my case, you can choose from three different pledges to help me, 5€, 9€, or 15€. The more you give me, the more content I give you.

For the 5€ pledge, the Official Patrons, I intend to offer you some exclusive poems, exclusive personal posts, digital and printable Bullet Journal templates and stickers sets(all drawn by me).
For the 9€ pledge, the All-Access Patrons, I’ll add the possibility for you to commission me some postcards made from my drawings, pictures and poems (creations I would send to you digitally or via post mail, you choose).
And lastly, for the 15€ pledge, the VIP Patrons, I intend to create, from my own videos, pictures and audio recordings, some relaxing nature videos and soundtracks.

All these different contents reflect what I like and myself.

I joined Patreon because I want to keep creating and studying. I never thought that I would ask for help in my life, to be honest. I’m the kind of person that hardly ask for help and show its vulnerability (this is how I view myself) So I sincerely hope you understand my position.

If you want to support me and just have a look at my Patreon page, feel free to check it out:

My Patreon Page

You don’t need to choose the highest pledge to help me. Even if everyone were to pledge only 5€ each one, it would still be huge for me! And if you don’t wish to pledge to me (no matter the reasons), please share about me and my work. It would be awesome! Any help is welcome :).

Also, if you want to know about my Patreon page, feel free to ask me, it would be my pleasure to answer. 🙂

Thank-you for passing by and reading my blog. Thank you in advance for your help and support no matter how.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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