My New Bullet Journal for 2020-2021

Hello everybody!

For 2019-2020, I started drawing the decor inside my bullet journal, with a special theme each month. And I liked that. I liked the way it worked for me this year. So I plan on doing quite the same for 2020-2021. I’ll just adjust my pages to my needs, which may change from one year to another.

But before giving you sneak peeks of my new bullet journal, let me give you a review (in pictures) of the last one.

I’m just showing you the covers and mood trackers, as other pages contain quite personal stuff now(except for some August pages, still partially empty). Still, I hope it gives you an idea of the journal in a whole.

When I compare this one with my first Bullet Journal, I realize how complex, sophisticated it became and how my drawing skills improved (improvements are still needed 😅though).

For 2020-2021, I intend to keep on that track, drawing myself experimenting new designs and drawing techniques. And I’m going to keep the same pages. They worked great for me. I’m just gonna add some new ones, as I want to focus on particular things this year such improving my drawing skills, reading more etc. Here is an overall view of my pages for September.

I kept a neutral tone for the Year Pages, to make kind of a balance with the rest
My templates on Patreon will be black and white. Here you can see a colored version

I’ll share on Instagram the next months themes and covers, so if you want to see more Bullet Journal content, feel free to follow me there, on my account @blog_adys.

Also, if you like the style of my bullet journal or just want to start a bullet journal of your own, I’ll be sharing each month on Patreon the templates with associated stickers set, so they’ll be available for free for my patrons. So feel free to become one of my patrons and have free access to this content, some more personal posts and more.

That’s all for today’s post I hope you like it. Thank you so much for passing by and reading my blog. By doing this you’re already supporting me and I’m very grateful for that. 🙏🏻

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

Want to support me? You can help me by becoming my patrons on Patreon, here. There I share exclusive posts, stickers, phone wallpapers, relaxation videos and soundtrack and more. With even just a monthly 5€ plegde, you can help me a lot continuing my studies and this blog.

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