How to Prepare a Thesis/Dissertation

Hello everyone! Today’s Back-to-school post is about a major step in studies : the thesis.

Last May, I graduated from my Master Degree with a small thesis, 100 pages. This was an experience, an interesting one. I don’t regret going that far into my studies and I felt very proud being able to achieve with great success this step, all by myself.

As far as I know, there are more and more people going through this process, of writing a thesis or any kind of dissertation, and maybe some of them are looking for some advices, so here we are.

So let’s get started!

First of all, find an overall topic. Then, read about this topic to define a more precise angle to work on.

Find your documents on different databases, and inside the bibliography of your articles, books too. This way you can define important article on the topic.

Along you reading process, you’ll define and refine your curriculum.

I would advise you to print your documents so that you can underline all the elements that seem to be useful for your work. Doing this way, it’ll be easier when collecting all the information and distributing them into the different parts of your curriculum.

Other aspect, this time about your bibliography. Write it down each time you add a document. This way you won’t have to correct everything at the end, when you risk to forget things.

When you estimate you have enough documents and informations for your dissertation, it’s time to sort out more precisely your informations.

So, take some folds for each chapter and fill them with all the documents corresponding. If a document occurs in more than just one chapter, just place it in the first chapter it occurs in. When you’re finished with working on this document in this chapter, just place it in the next chapter.

Doing so will prevent you from forgetting documents, informations and everything will stay organized. Which is very important.

Now that the documents are sorted out, it’s time to fill up the curriculum with all the informations you gathered.

I would suggest you to use one paper sheet for each under-chapter and write on this paper all the informations corresponding to the part. This way you can see if you really have enough per chapter, if some major informations are missing etc. Also it allows you to put them in order inside the chapter.

When you have written down all the informations, you are sure there is nothing missing, everything is organized, in order, it’s time for the last step. Writing the final dissertation.

Another advice I can give you is not to start with the introduction. You’ll write introduction and conclusion at the very end, when all the rest is done.

After writing, it’s time for final touches which are very important. I’m talking about the cover, the thanks page, the table of content, the bibliography (which should be done at this point, you’re just checking everything is alright), the glossary (if you need one), the appendix etc.

At every step, I recommend you to be cautious and to check everything, event twice. It’s better than once. When re-reading your overall work, I advise you to ask someone else. They would have new eyes on what you wrote, and won’t automatically correct the mistakes as you would.

Well, that’s all for today’s post. I hope it’ll help some of you. Of you find my work interesting, useful, please feel free to share around you, on your social media etc. It’ll help me a lot.

Anyway, thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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