Making my own Sanitary Towels

Hello everyone! Welcome back for some new zero waste content! šŸ¤— You may have seen it, a while ago I made period panties and shared how I did. You can read the post here. I said I would do another version as it was my first time sewing such a thing. Time passed and I didn’t sew… Until last August (at the end of the month). I suddenly felt the urge to do something and I miraculously found time to sew three sanitary towels. Okay, it’s not panties, but still it’s better than nothing. Panties are for another time! šŸ˜…

They were very easy to make and I kind of enjoy it (as much as you can enjoy sewing this kind of stuff šŸ˜„)

I followed the same process than for my first panties attempt. Let me sum it up for you. I cut 4 pieces, 2 large one into patterned fabric (an ugly one I’ve been storing for years), 1 large one into an old drawsheet (for impermeability, no one wants to get any leak) and 1 small piece into an old hand towel (for absorption).

I placed the two patterned pieces together wrong sides out. On top I placed the drawsheet one and then the towel one in the middle.

I pinned so everything would stay together. Then, I sewed the towel to the rest (except the very bottom part, or you won’t be able to reverse the whole thing later!!!). I sewed with a tacking, just to hold it in place.

Then, I sewed the large pieces together all along the sides, leaving just a space to be able to reverse the whole thing. Once it was reversed, I made a straight stitch all around, to flatten the towel. And finally, I made a zigzag stitch all around the smaller piece (following the tacking I still could see) again to flatten and reinforce the whole thing. I also made a mark on the inside with a little stitch to determine the right way to wear (or the impermeability thing won’t have any use). Lastly, I removed the tacking.

To be honest I’m very proud of myself. This attempt encouraged me to make some more, when I have time.

They’re very comfy, I almost don’t feel them when wearing. I didn’t have any leak problems. However, they’re not ideal for flooding days (as I call them), except if you can change often. I plan to do thicker ones for working days, when I cannot change so easily. Still they are perfect and I think I’m not going back to supermarket ones anytime soon! šŸ˜„

It’s been a while since I started my going zero waste process, but over the last months I’ve felt the urge to expel as much as I can all the supermarket industry from my life and so having my own sanitary towels, with no need to go out buy some, is a major and good step for me. Moreover, I’ve been more and more susceptible about the components of the sanitary towels for sale on the market, so no need to say I very much prefer making my own, knowing exactly what’s inside.

I hope I can inspire some people to do the same and go towards a more zero waste lifestyle, simpler, more autonomous. But do bear in mind that there is no small step. Small steps are far better than no steps and I would even say small steps are the best as they don’t create traumatic changes in our life and so allow a better transformation of our lifestyle.

That would be everything for today’s post. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog. I really appreciate.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ā¤

Ady ā¤

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