Getting Ready for Xmas 2020! 🎄

Hello everyone! Who is excited for Christmas time? Because we are going to get into the 2020 edition and I can’t wait to share some Christmas content with you this year again. Hope you’ll like this year’s serie of Christmas themed posts.

Today let’s talk about the first thing that comes to us in this period, Advent and decorating.


For this year’s advent calendar, I decided not to have one for myself. However I made one for my mother.

I had this wooden hanging house laying around for a while and didn’t know what to do with it. But it appeared to be perfect for making a calendar.

I cut some wrapping paper so it would cover the front and the sides of the house (kind of like a lid) I marked the spaces I wanted to feel with little gifts. Then I glued the paper on. (Make sure the marked numbers match with the filled partitions)

Something I like about this calendar is that it is reusable, you just change the paper from year to year, which is quite sustainable and money-saving in my opinion.


For this year, I decided to go for something less traditional. I chose to see 2020 Christmas in pink and white. First, I wanted to go for a pale, blush pink look but I didn’t have that much pale pink in my Christmas boxes, rather brighter pink and fushia. Paired with white, I think it actually looks good. That’s life, you vision something and the result is different but still good. Anyway. To compensate with my two poor little trees, I decided to use a large amount of decorations to create a rich and full Christmas scenery. Which turned out quite cute I think.

I also added something new, from this summer. A Christmas crib. I made the stable from scrap wood and wild straw to cover the roof. I also used some straw for the manger/cradle. For the figurines’ bodies, I used some old spools of thread, wrapped with some old and ugly wool thread I had laying around. I made some balls to create the heads and used some little cardboard pieces for the arms. For the legs, I used some plastic spools, so the figurines could stand properly. For the hair I used some brown wool thread glued on the heads. I then sewed clothes on the bodies.

This way I made Mary, Joseph and a shepherd. For the Christ child, I just made a small kind of egg thing, with cotton fabric, stuffed, and then tightened a thread to separate the head from the body.

I also made a sheep. With wool thread, I created the body the head and a tail, sewed them together and glued 4 sticks as legs.I’m still thinking about making the three wise men, for the Epiphany. Don’t know yet.

I’m currently making some other decoration stuff for an other room, I will show eventually how they turned out. But for the time being, that’s all for Christmas decorating.

That would be all for today’s post. I hope you like it. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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