How to easily make a meal look luxurious?

Hello everyone! How are you? Today I would like to talk about cooking, especially preparing meals when having guests over. For some of us, most of the time, it’s the same problem “What am I going to prepare this time?” “I’ve already done this in the past, they already know” “I should try something new, something else, but I’m not sure if it’ll work” “I don’t want to expereiment when having guests, imagine if it’s not tasty at all, or disgusting!” and so on. We always want to prepare something different, something tasty, something elaborate, but we don’t want to present something we failed to prepare, something disgusting, something bad looking. For some people, cooking isn’t a problem, they’re very good at this art, but for other people, it may not be as easy. Some people just have average cooking skills, and cannot make fine and delicate dishes just like that (well, just in a day). So, what can we do to avoid disasters and still make these meals look fabulous and impress our guests? Over the last few years, as I’ve been asking myself this very practical question, I’ve come up with a 3words-rule. The rule of “Simplicity-Flavours-Multiplicity”. Let me give you more details about these 3 words and how they can help us, solving our major problem (it really is a major problem, believe me)

#SIMPLICITY – Cook easy dishes, not complicated ones. I think anyone would agree that it’s far easier to fail when preparing a complicated and very sophisticated dish than when preparing a simple and easy one. If you wanna be sure your dishes would be good, just stick to simple recipes, recipes you know, recipes without hidden trap or obstacles, recipes that don’t necessarily require specific techniques. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting new cooking skills, in fact, that’s great, but not when having guests (don’t be like my grandma who used to try to remake dishes she ate athe restaurant, without any recipe and with her dietary ideas, when she had guests over, without experimenting before. Really, don’t do that, it’s not the best option 😂)

#FLAVOURS – Go with flavours (simple dishes with spices) I previously said that simple dishes are one of the best option to avoid disaster but by doing that we can meet an other problem. The lack of taste and flavour. A dish without any flavour isn’t a real disaster in itself; when one is hungry, as long as it’s edible, nutrious… But flavours are what makes eating one of the pleasures of life. And when you have guests over for dinner, serving dishes without any flavours….is surely a lack of taste and ….. well…. kinda disrespectful to your guests I would say. So, indeniably, have flavours in your dishes. Moreover it’s quite an easy way to upgrade any dish in a very simple way. You just have to add some spices, herbs and so on when cooking and instantly, the taste would be much better. Personally, I usually go with paprika and dried herbs when cooking on a daily basis. But there’re so many, garlic, thyme, basil, salt, pepper, turmeric and so on.

#MULTIPLICITY – Cook multiples smaller dishes. Finally, thereis another problem one’s can meet when cooking a meal for guests, whcih is about quantities and volume. Indeed usually we want to make enough to eat for our guests so we tend to prepare bigger quantities of food but then appears the problem of pots and pan and plates. Are they big enough? Do we have to prepare a dish in multiples pots? And do we have to serve it in multiples plates? Also, I think having just one or two big dishes on the table isn’t the most attractive thing. On the contrary having many smaller dishes, is aesthetically more pleasant to the eyes. Look at traditionnal chinese meals! They used to have multiples smaller dishes, creating colorful looking-full tables. That’s what I like about the idea of making a lot of smaller dishes, while still making sure the overall amount of food is enough for guests, is a good way to resolve our pots and plates sizes problem and also give a more luxurious look to the meal. Also, by doing many different dishes you make sure to meet with everyone’s taste. If you have only one or two big dishes, but it appears someone isn’t very fond of one of them, this person won’t be eating that much and so not really at ease and enjoying the meal. But if you serve multiples different dishes, you can afford to meet everyone’s tastes and everyone would be able to fully enjoy this moment.

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Ady ❤

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