Sewing some Pajamas for my Old Cat

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

Over the last few weeks, I realized my old cat was feeling cold. So cold that he would crawl under the fireplace (already turned on, obviously). It made me worried that he could get sick so I decided to take action. And I went on Pinterest looking for sewing patterns, for pet pajamas. This seemed to be the best option, as a blanket on him wouldn’t stay, unlike something he would wear. I quickly gave up on the cat pajamas pattern and looked for a dog one (it seems to be more common). And I found a blogger sharing a free small dog pajamas pattern. I’ll link her post here, so that you can have a look. I used the yorkie pajamas pattern and updated it for my cat and his needs.

Let me show you!

On April’s pattern, there were the four legs covered by the pajamas, I didn’t keep the back legs as my cat has problems with his back legs mobility (they basicallyb almost don’t work anymore) and he easily get dirty when peeing. So the pajamas didn’t need to go that far on him, I just wanted it to cover most of the body and his back. I also modified the collar so it wouldn’t obstruct him in the neck ( and now he looks like a feline Dracula with his cut collar 😍)

I did 2 pajamas, the first one being the test when I was updating April’s pattern to make my own. I plan to sew some more, so that my cat wouldn’t run out of clean pajamas ( these things can still get dirty, he’s a pro in this sport)

I’ll give you the free pdf pattern I created, in case you would also have an old cat feeling cold in the Winter. Just keep in mind that I didn’t completely created this pattern, I got major help from April’s work. Her pattern gave me somethig to work on and it was much more easier and faster for me. So all the credit goes to her, my pattern is simply her pattern modified. 😊

The body part was to big to fit in the scan, so I divided it in 2, just print out the 1 and 2, cut and join the 2 parts together. The 3 is the pattern for the legs.

Now, look at my little emperor, how cute and imperial he looks now! And for those who wonder, he accepts the pajamas very well. He must be feeling less cold and warmer when wearing it. So, that’s a win!

That’s all fot today’s post. I hope you like it. Feel free to share around you. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog. I really appreciate it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❀

Ady ❀

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