A little bit of chit-chat over here

Hello everyone! How are you all?

Today, you may already know that right from the title, I’m not gonna share with you a specific recipe/DIY/ whatsoever. For today I wish to have a “chat” with you. Talking about all the new things that happened on the blog since a few weeks and for once talking to you for real. Indeed I have the feeling of being kinda a robot by just uploading articles, stories etc on the blog, hiding the real me. I feel like a productive articles producer, rather a person sharing about herself. So, let’s change for a bit today, shall we?

First of all, you may have noticed my content isn’t as diverse as it used to be, articles aren’t as long as they used to be. It’s mostly for one big reason: my studies. How paradoxal! For many years I’ve had far more work and still I managed to give more care to my blog and now, I have less work than before and I have less time for my blog…. How can it be? I think I know why. You probably already know that I’m a student. And since October, I’ve been studying from home, for many reasons. First of all, living in the city was getting more and more stressful for me, growing insecurity and financial difficulties and so on. Also, and it did comfort my decision: my university closed after being open for 1 month. Going to university for 1 month as the conditions were (masks everywhere, no more humanity, people looking at you as if you were a demon, a danger to them, no more empathy and so on) have been torture to me. I simply didn’t feel safe there, this place that has been my second home for 8 years…. Each time I would go out, take the bus and go to university, I would be afraid of getting attacked. I had the feeling not being among humans anymore, but rather among beasts. It wasn’t a life. So, when they closed my university, it was like release to me. So right now, I’m studying from home. I can tell you this isn’t a good way to study, you simply don’t learn anything. But considering the previous situation, it’s better for me, for the time being. One of the major problems with this teaching method is that you got much more work and still the same amount of time. Which means can part of the time I used for the blog etc goes now for my studies. Also, as I already spend too much time in front of my computer screen (my eyes and head hurt), I try, as much as possible, not to use it and get away from it.

So, for the time being, the blog is under minimal care (even if I have lots of work, I would never give up on this baby of mine, don’t worry; I need it, it’s my little therapy not to get crazy 😅🙄)

I also realized that most of the time, I just share content with you, without really updating you about the rest of my content, apart from my articles. It seems fair to me that today I pause the usual content sharing and tell you about the rest of my content, like Patreon, Telegram and so on. So that you know more precisely what’s going on in all the rooms of my little house 😉.

First, you probably know, I’ve created a Patreon page since September, so that I could offer special content to those who would like to give me a small financial support. There, I’ve posted 7 Stickers Sheets, 7 Bullet Journal Templates, many Phone Wallpapers Sets, Relaxation Nature Videos and a few more things (some poems etc)

Via Patreon, my Official Patrons can donwload for free all my stickers sets, wallpapers sets, templates and get access to all my Patreon posts, for 2€ a month. My All-Access Patrons, for 5€, also get access to my relaxation videos. And the VIP Patrons can in addition commission me digital or paper drawings, for 7€. If you want to give me a little financial support, you can take a look at my Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/adyslittlehouseofcreativity

Second, let’s talk about my Telegram Canal, created as my blog reached its 4th anniversary. There, I share some sneakpeaks of my Patreon content, next blog posts and also news about my different content (on the blog etc)

By the way, you may have seen, with one of my last posts, that I started to share with you a new type of articles, my “Little Tales”. As I explain on the dedicated page, here, I’ve always wanted to write and over the years, this passion has been growing and growing. It’s been almost a year since I started to share with you some of my poems, and now I want to share with you some little stories too. This is what they are. And back to Telegram, I also share these little tales there, a few days before posting them on the post. It’s one of the benefit I give to those who join our community on Telegram, like thanking them for supporting me there and give a unique and special fragrance to the Telegram Canal. I also plan to upload there some drawings, postcards I would have made myself for free downloading. I just think we would have to wait just a bit ( about a month maybe) before I get some time and quiet 😅 to make these goodies.

Also, another new thing here on the blog…. the Newsletter! I can here some of you saying “Wait a minute. I thought you had too much work right now to properly take care of your blog, and now you launch a newsletter? It also implies some work, doesn’t it?” Well, yes it asks some work, but…. 😄 It’s been a long time since I wanted to have a newsletter over here and I recently found a few hours to create a template, a prototype and I felt quite… enthusiastic about it! Also, for my defense, a newsletter doesn’t require as much time as a blog with an article a week does, soo… And it makes me very happy creating this small content, it changes me from my usual work for university. So of course it takes some time and energy from me (but not that much actually) but it also provides me happiness, so I call it a fair deal!😊 So, what’s that Newsletter? It’s a small presentation in 3 parts that I will send to those who’ll subscribe for it, on this page. Each newsletter will follow one particular theme, a season, a country, anything that inspires me actually. The first part is a small text between poetry, thought etc, the second part is a small cultural/artistic triptych, 3 windows on this theme (as I call it), a musical piece, a painting piece and a literatural piece, that are linked to the theme. And in the 3rd part, I share 3 quotes, sentences, representing the theme. It’s a very light content, very airy, that I will create from time to time (still don’t know which frequency).

Here is a sneakpeak of what this Newsletter looks like

Another new thing on the blog: I recently created a new page on the blog, under the “Creating” section where I intend to store all the sewing pattern I used and will use on the blog, so that you can download them, for free. I already put them the cat pajamas pattern (in 3 parts, because a A4 page isn’t enough to hold the whole pattern, so I divided it so that you just have to print the 3 parts on A4 sheets and join them like a puzzle) and the sanitary towels one. From now, I’ll make sure I have proper sewing patterns that I can share with you and upload them on that page, here.

Well…. I think we’ve examined the subject from all sides, I’ve forgotten anything I should have told you in this post…. Last, before we left for this week. A few weeks ago, someone commented one of my posts, asking for advices for new bloggers, people who want to start a blog but don’t really know where to start actually. i gave a quite short answer to this person, but it gave me the idea of making a dedicated post (or a series of posts, we’ll see) on the subject. So I’m (slowly) working on that now, even if I don’t know yet when it’ll be upload here. Stay tuned for this one!

Now I think that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed this one, a different one from usual. Don’t worry, there will be something new next week, as usual. I won’t leave you unattended.😉 Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for silently supporting me, by subscribing, reading. It’s a lot for me.

I’ll talk to you soon in  a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

Want to support me? You can help me by becoming my patrons on Patreon, here. There I share exclusive posts, stickers, phone wallpapers, relaxation videos and soundtrack and more. With even just a monthly 2€ plegde, you can help me a lot continuing my studies and this blog.

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