Little Tales #2 Cedar Roses

Hello there ! Here is a brand new little tale, it’s called Cedar Roses. Hope you enjoy it !

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a small house, in a vast garden. In this garden she walked through everyday, learning the name of each tree, each plant and each flower, there were as many species and varieties as it was possible for a garden to have. One day the little girl walked under a huge cedar tree, green as an old bottle. Looking at first at the branches hanging high above her head, she then turned her attention to the trunk and finally the ground. Suddenly she spotted something unusual. It was probably a cedar pinecone. Getting closer, the little girl seized the mysterious object and recognized it definitevely was a pinecone. But this one was slightly different. Unlike other pinecones, this one wasn’t shaped like a cone, but rather like a rose. Delighted by her discovery, the little girl took back to her bedroom the cedar rose and layed it down on a shelf where she disposed all her treasures: birds feathers, dried flowers bouquets, flintstone chips with marbled glints, small translucent white pebbles, leaves from various trees… And so the cedar rose naturally was added to the collection. When the night came, the little girl went to bed, after going through one last time her jewels gifted by Nature, especially the cedar rose. The next morning, there was still something changed. The cedar rose wasn’t on the shelf anymore. However, on the dresser had appeared a terracotta vase in which was standing a white rose. The little girl thought this was quite strange. Though… That the cedar rose has disappeared was certainly unfortunate, but still not that tragic. She’d find an other one under the cedar tree. Speaking of the white rose, it was bringing quite a nice and delicate scent to the room, which was far from a nuisance. The little girl went out into the garden, looking for new treasures and that very evening brought back another cedar rose which she placed on the shelf. But this one also disappeared on the next morning, whereas a red rose was keeping company to the white one. And each day, the little girl would bring back another cedar rose. And each morning, a rose would appear standing in the vase placed on the dresser. Summer passed by and the roses bouquet kept growing fuller and more colorful. Each day the room would get even more scented. Then Winter came. On the evening on the last Autumn day, a huge bouquet was filing the terracotta vase. The next morning, when she woke up, the little girl vainly looked for the colorful bouquet, but nothing. Only remained many cedar roses, lined up onto the shelf, whereas outside the wind was gently blowing on frozen Nature.

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