Stuffed Zucchini

Hello everyone ! Welcome back for a new recipe ! This Summer/Autumn, my brother grew (way too much) zucchini in our vegetable garden. This veggie is both a miracle; very easy to grow and produces a lot; and a curse; because it produces a lot. One day you look: nothing or just tiny ones, come back the next day and you have monsters hiding under leaves ! A nightmare as you cannot store and keep them for very long (unlike pumpkins) and you cannot eat all of them in time (too much and zucchini for breakfast, for lunch, for teatime, for dinner…. well, doesn’t sound that exciting :/ )

So, as I said, my brother lost the measure last Spring and we grew way too much zucchini plants this year, which means I had to deal with tons of zucchini when cooking. It was basically zucchini here, zucchini there, zucchini everywhere ! I have to confess that now when I see zucchini, I almost lose my appetite (too much zucchini in my stomach in the last months I guess…). I had to improvise, invent (very dangerous!) new recipes so that we could keep on eating all these zucchini. I also made some canning (it was absolutely necessary !).

So today, I would like to share with you one of my zucchini recipes. Be prepared for the next months, I have more in stock.

Anyway, today’s recipe is quite a classic: stuffed zucchini. It’s quite easy to make and allows you to get rid of quite an amount of zucchini.

For 4 persons, you’ll need:

  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 2 portions of rice (I use a rice cooker so I mean this type of portion)
  • 500g of pork meat (but you can use beef meat or any other)
  • spices
  • soy sauce

1# Cut the zucchini in 2 in the length, remove the seeds and some of the pulp (keep it, you’ll need it later). Make sure you don’t make holes in the skin.

2# Cook the rice. Preheat your oven at 180 °C.

3# In a wok, cook the meat and zucchini pulp together, adding spices and soy sauce. Mix well until the meat is cooked.

4# Place your zucchini “boats” on baking paper in a roasting pan. In a large bowl, mix the rice with meat+pulp, so that you get an homogeneous mixture.

5# Fill the boats with this mixture and place the whole thing in the oven. Bake until it gets slightely golden on top.

Taddaa !

That’s all for today’s recipe, I hope you like it.

Thank you for passing by and reading my blog, I highly appreciate. Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts by commenting. Seeing a comment always makes me very happy and answering to you makes me even more happy ! 🙂

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take car of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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