2021 Christmas Decorating With Me

Welcome back everyone ! Today I’m gonna be sharing with you how I decorated my house for Christmas this year. I hope it’ll give you some inspiration for your own home.

Let’s start with the Christmas Tree ! This year I wanted to go for a white and blue Christmas tree. It’s a combo I quite like myself but since my mom only likes the red and gold tree for Christmas, it’s been years since we last had a blue and white tree in December. But this year is different as my mom is abroad and she won’t come back home for Christmas only a few days before Christmas. So it was the opportunity for me to have a massive blue and white tree ! And off we go on the 25th of November ! Let’s build up a Snegurochka Tree !

I reused some white and silver decorations from last year pink tree I made, and added the blue I had and those my family had (mainly the gorgeous blue ornaments). I also added some “unconventional” decoration pieces, such as foamy white flowers. I think it adds some depth to the tree, and I personnaly love a very densely decorated tree. Another thing I did to create some depth is that in addition to the main tree, I added my two smaller ones, to create a kind of forest, scenery which I completed with my little rocking horse and a jar full of fake snow and silver bells. I wished I could have added a tree skirt but since we have cats, it’s far too dangerous (I don’t want any smelly accident under my tree for Christmas!) Also it may look a bit sad under the tree for the time being with no skirt, but since presents are gonna be piling up under the tree all along December, it’s no big deal, we can just endure it for now.

I decided to convey the Snegurochka feeling into the room and added some ornaments to the pendant light. It gives a little whimsical side to the space and it’s not in the way.

Finally I added my handmade Christmas crib I made last year. (I’m still so proud of it !) on the dresser at the other side of the room. Unlike the tree that comes up in the 25th of November, I waited for the 1st of December (aka today) for the crib.

Then let’s move on to the entryway. I chose not to convey the blue and white all over the whole house. First is because I don’t have enough decorations for the whole house in these colors. Second, I’m quite sure my mom would want to have her little red tree up in the kitchen. And third, we have in our entryway a pine wreath a very good friend of mine made and gifted me years ago (OMG ! It was 10 years ago !!!). At the time it was a gorgeous pine green, but when time passed it withered and the color changed, so my mom spray-painted it gold. And now this wreath is hanging up in the entryway all year around (and I’m not complaining about having a piece of memory of my lovely Charlotte all the time in my entryway, it makes me think of her everyday).

So as you probably guess, there was no way for me not to decorate the entryway with gold accents. I went for something simple, having a garland on top of the mirror and the door and some decoration pieces on the furniture.

As I suggested above, I didn’t decorate the kitchen yet. I want to wait for my mom to come back and she’ll do it, adding her small red Christmas tree like she does every year.

I did nothing for the exterior, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t have enough time and energy to do it. I started working at the start of November and my contract ends in the middle of January (if not reconducted, only God knows). And having a work is great ( I mean, having the wages from this work is great) but it leaves me soooo exhausted. I wake up everyday at AM 4:30, working from 5:30 to 9:30, from Monday to Saturday (thank God Sunday is restday). Having such work hours is both good as it leaves me my afternoons (except 2 each weeks when I also work), and both bad as my body needs time to adjust to it. I assume that by January it’ll be okay (unless the holidays time had me even more exhausted……)

Anyway, Christmas this year will be a real challenge for me as I will have to play with working, blogging and preparing for the festivities. But I’m sure I can manage. However, if some day during this Christmas serie, I happen to be a little bit late (uploading a few hours late for example), don’t worry, it’s because of the reasons I gave earlier. I hope you’ll understand. 🙂

That’ll be all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration for you home.

Thank you once again for passing by and reading my blog. It means a lot to me.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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