What I learnt after 5 years of blogging on the Little House of Ady

Hello everyone ! Happy birthday ! Indeed, my blog will be 5 years old in 2 days ! 5 years… OMG time runs soo fast. I can’t believe so many years have gone since I created this blog and uploaded my very first post. For me it’s like yesterday.

And I’m so deeply grateful to you all for sticking up with me, keeping on reading this blog, giving me likes and comments, subscribing. Thanks to all of you, I’ve found the strength I needed to keep writing on this blog, not to give up on this baby of mine.

Thanks to this blog, I’ve improved my English, I’ve learned many things about blogging, about myself. I’ve learned to be regular, to be patient, with things, with myself. And I created something on my own, something I’m proud of.

Today, I would like to go through all the things I’ve learned about blogging over the last 5 years, hoping it would help others, people wanting to start their own blog or website.

#Regularity. That is the key for growing and keeping on track. If you don’t have any regularity in your uploadings, it won’t work, you won’t be keeping going on. Also, regular uploads on the blog tend to attract and make stay visitors. If you regularly upload, the same day every week, people will notice and easily remember that on this day, there’ll be something new on your blog, whereas if it’s irregular, they won’t be able to follow easily what you’re doing and may forget about your blog if it’s new. That’s why regularity is essential, both for you not to lose track and motivation, and for your visitors to get used to your content.

#Patience. Be patient with yourself. It’s perfectly normal if you don’t make the most perfect post right in the beginning. It’s normal to take some time to learn and discover how to properly do things, what works best for you and so on. Have patience. Normal blogs don’t get thousands, even hundreds of subscribed, comments and like right at the beginning. The stronger tree in the world, aka the oak doesn’t grow overnight, it takes decades and centuries to get strong and high, and so does a blog. Let it grow as its own pace, let it grow slowly and peacefully, away from drastic changes.

#Empathy. Have empathy for over blogs, for visitors. Have empathy when writing on the blog, have empathic messages to convey on the blog. If your blog reflects lack of empathy, it won’t be a beautiful and entertaining blog, no matter how much time and effort you put into it. There’s a Russian proverb saying “If your heart is a rose flower, your mouth will say scented words.” If you don’t have real empathy in your heart, your blog will reflect it and your visitors will see it.

#Exploring. Never stop trying new things about designing your blog and updating your content. Even if it’s normal and right to stay for a while on a level where you master well things, you should often on a hunt for new things, new ways. Never be content of what you have for too long, as staying still and not going further is like stepping back. Also, exploring the world of blogging, exploring the things you like and may want to share with others, is one of the things that help you to feel rejuvenate and keep on track.

#Honesty. As much as empathy, honesty is one of the most important virtues you should hold onto when having a blog. People will accept you and follow only if you’re honest and true. People don’t look for fake identities and persons, they search for true persons. It doesn’t matter if you have flaws, as long as you’re true with people. And this is the same in life. You cannot please everyone. Not everyone will like you. So it’s better to be yourself and true so that people know exactly what you are and you’ll keep by your side people who’ll really and truly appreciate you for what you really are. If your blog and your words are fake, too much alike with others’, people won’t know who you really are and won’t feel atracted to your content. However if you speak truly, maybe you won’t attract as many people or as faster as others, but the people you’ll attract will truly and always like your content and appreciate you.

Having a blog has been over the last 5 years, a wonderful experience for me and I really hope I’ll keep fueling this blog for many years to come. It doesn’t matter to me how this blog and community grows as long as it’s a stable and steady growth. This is the ultimate advice I would give to a younger blogger: Do something you like with your blog and as long as you follow these 5 principles, your blog will surely have a real and valuable growth.

That’ll be all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

Thank you once again for passing by and reading my blog. Thank you for all these last 5 years, I’m looking forward for the next 5 years !

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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