My Little Jungle – Plants Update n°2 February 2022

Hello everyone ! Welcome back for another plants update ! It’s been 2 years since the last… Ooopss… A few things happened to my plant pack since last update, let me talk to you about these.

#Who didn’t survive ?

Let’s be honest, having plants is about survival for them for most of us :’). And I’m no exception. A few of mine indeed died along the way.

The first one I lost was my dieffenbachia Bacchus. If I remember correctly it was about watering (too much or not enough I don’t really remember).

Then, I had different Tamayas, but none survived, except one (see later about her). Also, my avocado tree died. Actually most of the dead plants died because they stayed alone in the dark for too long. Back in 2020, I left my apartment for my hometown for elections time. But we got locked in our homes at that time, right after. I didn’t thought it would last long so I decided to wait. But the wait got longer and finally my father and I had to go on a night trip to my apartment (at the other side of the country) to get all my plants and papers for my thesis back. And obviously when I arrived, most of my plants were making a face and some were already dead(for example my 2 anthuriums). We brought everyone back to the countryside with us and I managed to save many of them.

#Who is still here ?

I was able to save the strongest ones, aka Maya the peace lily, my beautiful eldest, Yulong my pothos (look how grown he looks ! He’s about 3 times longer than when I bought him !), Glaurung (he is thriving by the window, look at him !) and his baby brother, who actually got his emancipation and now grows in his own pot (Hurrah!). Yumi the “corn-alike” dracaena also grew a lot.

My asparagus is still here, making as much dirts (with his yellow dead tiny leaves) as usual.

I can confirm to you all that peace lilies, pothos, dracaena and asparagus are very easy-to-take-care indoor plants. These ones have been easily surviving and growing with me since I got them and never got sick. So I recommend these varieties to you if you want to get started with indoor plants but don’t really have a green thumb.

#Who joined the pack ?

For a long time, I pushed away the urge for buying new plants. But sometimes small accidents happen and I got to purchase some new green babies over the last year. Temptation was too hard for me to resist….

One of them is this huge monstera. Actually, it wasn’t as huge when I bought it, but it got well acclimated and grew bigger.

Yes, I’m using this monstera leaf to hide all my (organized in boxes) mess behind.

I also got (I think it was another, but it definitevely was at the same place) some more, smaller though. First, the one with long dark leaves with plum curbs (by the window), 3 small ones of the same kind but in green, pink and white shades (in a common pot in a basket). And I also got another one, the middle one on the third picture. This one reminded me of bamboo and other bigger plants. To be hinest, this one has been quite difficult to take care of. It got sick (still don’t know how and why), so I had to vut most of the leaves. It still looks a bit emaciated but it’s alive, which is the most important ! I don’t expect much progress until Spring comes over, since Winter is usually a time of rest for plants. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this one flourishes again in Spring time !

I also got another dracena from my brother, that wasn’t feeling its best. But since then, he got far better and is thriving !

And last, but not least, here is my pride and joy, my little Tamaya survivor, my little Baby Pixie ! A few months ago, she was only a small brown stick with a small green leaf on her. And now look at her, how gorgeous she is ! When I realized she did like to be by the window, in a very bright space, I knew I’ve had found her spot and never changed it. I regularly check on her, water her, making sure my baby is alright. And as you can see, she does. Every week there’s at least one new leaf coming out and growing up. I cannot wait for her to have little pink flowers ! She’s gonna be sooo pretty by that time !

#General overview

I think we can say that I’ve been quite good at keeping all these babies alive, apart from the lockdown who killed some of them, the most fragile I suppose. But the jungle is still quite large, actually. 11 plants, big and small, in total ! Let’s pray I don’t get a big glass greenhouse or it can be feared this number drastically increases !

Now Maya is enjoying a new comfy spot in our living room, in a corner, where she sits like a queen. The others are for themselves enjoying their windows light and get water quite regularly, growing their leaves and adding more over time.

From the experience I got with all of them, I think I’ll be able to give some advices in a dedicated post about gardening (wait for it during March)

That’ll be all for today’s post, I hope you like it. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog. I highly appreciate it.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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