Starting 2022 Lent and a New Post Serie

Hello everyone ! Welcome back on the blog ! Hope you’re doing well. Today is en exciting day as we start a brand new serie of posts, a long one actually. From this day to the 14th of April, I’ll be sharing with you a lot of Lent and Easter content. The frequency of uploading on the blog will be increased, like I usually do for Christmas time, about every 3 days a new post will show up.

In today’s post, I would like to share with you about my program on the blog for the next weeks. This program will be divided in 2 parts.

First, all March long, I’ll be sharing with you hacks, recipes and others about Lent. This year I want to make Lent properly, and so I thought it would be interesting to share all that process with you, since some of you may want to make Lent too or simply are interesting in this important period for Christians. Also, the content I’ll be sharing will probably be relevant not only to people interesting in Lent but also for people looking for tips about meditation and fasting, for vegetarian recipes and so on. I take Lent as a Christian from a christian point of view, but it can be seen from anyone point of view.

As I said I’ll be sharing hacks on how to get through Lent easily, with book recommendations, lifehacks, music inspo and so on. I’ll also share vegetarian recipes since I won’t be eating any meat from this day to Easter Day. There’re many different ways to get through Lent: some people are vegetarian for this time, some are vegan, some others are fasting on various days, some others are not restricting themselves on food but on other things and so on. I don’t think there’s a specific and unique way to make Lent. For me the most important about this time is to challenge oneself and achieve a certain goal by Easter Day. It’s not only about food, in fact it’s about mental matters. Usually during Lent, we do fast or restrict ourselves food-speaking in order to help us meditate, reflect on ourselves, our behavior, our way of thinking and so on. Fasting is only a small facet of Lent in reality. Without any meditation or whatsover, fasting doesn’t mean that much, even if it’s not necessarily bad on its own.

Personally, I chose not to eat any meat until Easter, however I’ll still be eating some dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and so on. I think I’ll probably have some fasting days from time to time, since it’s not bad dietetically speaking. However, I must point out something, in case some of you would like to have some fasting days. Fasting has good effects on health when done well. But it may have very bad effects on health if not done well. So please be cautious about that. If you wish to fast from time to time and don’t know that much on this topic, I would recommend you to check with a dietician who will make sure you do things properly, since it’s his speciality and job. I’m not a dietician, I only know what my grandma, who studied these subjects, told me. So once again be careful and responsible, do not restrict your informations to my blog, as it is not a dietician blog. I’m just sharing my own experience to encourage you to search further by yourself.

Another thing I plan to do for Lent is to have a Lent Coop, in the same spirit as the Advent Calendar, I’ll share with you more about it next post, on the 6th of March. I already told you about this concept I have had in mind for a few years now, but this year I’m gonna make and have a real one. Stay tuned for the 6th for more about that. šŸ˜‰

Then, during April, until the 14th, I’ll be sharing Easter content, recipes, DIYs, hacks, inspiration and so on, like I usually do for Christmas actually.

I’ll try to make this content relevant to as many people as possible, to Christians to non-Christians. My goal, by sharing all this, is to help others making Lent and let others know more about this important time for Christians. My goal isn’t to tell you that you should be making Lent too. My goal is rather about helping and teaching, so that everyone would be able to make their own choice and have their own opinion on the topic.

I hope you’ll join me on this ride and I hope I’ll be able to keep on track, since I usually increase the uploading frequency only for Christmas time and it’s also my first year properly making Lent.

That’ll be all for today’s post, hope you’re excited for the upcoming ones. Thank you once again for passing by and reading my blog. I hope it keeps you entertained.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ā¤

Ady ā¤

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