Making a Flower Pillow

Hi everyone !

Welcome back ! Hope you’re all doing well ! Are you as exciting as I’m about the coming back of Spring ? Personnally, I can’t wait to leave Winter and coldness.

So… To forget a moment this long wait, I decided to make a little spring DIY…. a Flower shaped pillow. I love pillows, it’s both cute and useful. One of my dreams is to have a room filled with pillows, every kind of pillows, a room where I would stay to chill, read books, sleep, snuggle with my cats….. when I get tired of my life and just relax.

But stop dreaming, it’s time to work, let’s have a look on this DIY.

First, you have to draw patterns you need: one for the petals, and one for the heart of the flower.

For the heart, you’ll need to cut 2 circles into the fabric of your choice( I choose pink, obviously), don’t forget when drawing on the fabric to add about 1cm around the paper pattern, this way it will keep its size when you sew it, it won’t get smaller.

Then, sew the 2 parts together, leaving a hole to reverse it and to fill it with pillow stuffing.

Now, petals.

Draw the pattern on paper and use it to cut out of fabric your petals. I decided to do 6 petals, 3 of one color and 3 of an other color. I went for fushia and and light pink. For the 3 fushia petals, I cut 6 pieces of fabric and sewed  them by 2; and did the exact same thing for the 3 light pink petals.  

I left a hole to every petal, reversed them and stuffed them.

Lastly, I took them and sewed them all around the heart of the flower, previously done.

I sewed first 1 fushia, then 1 light pink and so on.

When sewing the heart with the petals, make sure that after sewing the petals to the heart, you sew the petals to each others. This way, it will secure the all thing and make it stronger.

And Voila !!! Honestly, what do you think about that ?! I like this little cute pillow. As it’s not like an usual pillow, it may be disturbing when you hold it (you feel the petals moving, this pillow isn’t paralyzed like other pillows 😉 =) )

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you think about this pillow and if you have any suggestion about other pillows to make. If you redo this DIY, please share with everyone and me on Instagram with #adyspillows and also share it on my Telegram channel( the link is at the bottom of every pages in the blog) I would be extremely happy !! =D

Hope you enjoyed this DIY, I wish you all a very pleasant week.

See you soon !!

Bye everyone ! ❤

Ady ❤

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