Getting ready for Easter’s hunt

Hello everyone ! Welcome back ! Sorry I hadn’t upload any post during the last two weeks, so much work at school, I almost had no time for sleeping during those days, it truly was hell. But the good thing is that all this will be over on next friday afternoon, because this year school time would be (finally) over ! =) I can’t wait for this moment. But there is still one week, a heavy one on the path to Easter….
So, to make this awaiting look shorter, I decided to make a special post for this special occasion. Personally, it’s been a very long time I went on eggs hunt on Easter last. But even if I’m a grown-up now, I still have a child mind. So every year, I like to decorate (or not) a basket and put it in my bedroom, and use it to stock all my Easter chocolates. So I’d like to share with you this fun and easy DIY, in case you still have no idea(or just for fun) Let’s get started ! 😉
You will need a basket, some ribbons, some paper cupcake cases and some decorative umbrellas.
Take the cupcake cases, fold them to make little flowers(I went for yellow and green as it reminds me of Spring and Easter) like so:

Glue those little flowers on the basket.

Now, for the umbrellas. Just stick them in the basket ( you can use glue to reinforce, personally I didn’t)

And finally, add some ribbon bows, glue or tie( I think this kind of detail is the one making something cuter <3)
Now, you are ready for this year Easter’s hunt !

I hope you like this DIY, I know it’s a short one and that I didn’t work very much on the blog recently, but my work was so huge…. :(‘ But I promise after Easter, I’ll be back with lots of fun DIYs =)
I wish you all a very a happy HolyWeek and Easter weekend ! And try not falling sick by eating too much chocolate ! 😉 🙂
Thank you everyone and have a great week ! (mine is gonna be horrible but the good thing is that’s the last one before holidays 😉 ) ❤
Ady ❤

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