Sewing a Glasses Pouch

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? I hope you spent a very nice Easter with your family, your friends…. Today’s DIY is small but can be very useful. It’s about glasses. I don’t know how it goes for you, but personally, glasses are very annoying. When I don’t need them (and it’s quite rare) I lost them in my bag ALL THE TIME !!! I have to search for them for about five minutes! That’s so annoying, I hate that ! This is why I decided to make a small pouch to carry them. This way, it will be easier to find them, and they won’t tangle with the rest of my things anymore. Let’s get started !

You’ll need fabric, 2 ribbons(same length) and sewing stuff(needle and thread)

First of all cut into the fabric two pieces 7,5×17(cm)each.

Sew together 3 sides, then fold back the top side to make a hem, this way you get the needed space to string the ribbon(we’ll use it as a cordon to close the pouch)

Thread the first ribbon on one side, then thread the second ribbon on the other side. Make a knot at each end.

Pull over the pouch. Done ! You now got a cute pouch for you glasses, sunglasses… From now on, it would be easier to find them in your bag, and it won’t be tangled with other things anymore ! 🙂 😉


What do you think of this DIY ? Do you like it ? Tell me in the comments, and if you make your own glasses pouch, share with me on Instagram !

I’m working on other projects,  bigger projects, so the next posts would have more content than those last. And as I have more time to work on the blog now, it would be easier. 🙂

I hope you enjoy today’s post. Wish you a good day. Take care of yourself.

See you soon! ❤


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